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  כסלו 17, 5768 , 27/11/07

Arad: Hundreds Protest Missionary Activity

Hundreds of Jews protested missionary activity in the city of Arad on Monday.  The protest took place on a street where at least one Christian missionary lives.  Protestors showed a film documenting missionary activity in the city.

Among the protestors were several rabbis, including Rabbi Yosef Albo, the chief Sephardi rabbi of Arad, Rabbi Mordechai Wolkovitz, the head of the local Gur Hassidic community, and more.  Members of the anti-missionary group “Yad L’Achim” were present as well.

Missionaries in Arad have filed pleas with the government to stop protests against their activities, saying that the protests constitute religious persecution.  Anti-missionary activists say the missionaries are destroying Jewish souls and are using trickery and deceit to convince Jewishly ignorant Jews to join their activities.


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