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  כסלו 16, 5768 , 26/11/07

Making Peace Is as Easy as a Game for Peres Center

The Peres Center for Peace plans to give out 100,000 "PeaceMaker" computer games to Arabs and Jews on Tuesday, the day of the Annapolis conference. Players can decide whether to take the side of the Palestinian Authority (PA) or Israel and work around suicide bombers and Israeli counter-terrorist attacks, which are considered as working against peace.

The Peres Center also is sending copies of the game to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The game "will help each side to "understand limitations of each one's president and leader, and as well the limitation of the other side," according to Center director Ron Pundak.

However, the game does not include simulation of what happens after a peace agreement is signed on paper but does not exist in reality.

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