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  כסלו 15, 5768 , 25/11/07

It's Official: Syria to Attend Summit

Syria has announced it will send a delegation to the Annapolis summit which will open Monday evening and end the following day. According to Al Jazeera TV, the delegation will be headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal el-Makdad. Other sources, however, said the foreign minister himself will head the delegation.

Diplomatic sources in Damascus said that Syria made the decision after receiving a copy of the summit's schedule, and learning that the Israeli-Syrian conflict and the Golan Heights dispute are included on it.

The head of Al Jazeera television's Damascus desk said that the Syrians decided to attend the summit in order to see "what they could get out of it." He said that Syria hopes to receive assurances that Israel stands behind Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin's promise to give up the Golan Heights.

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