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  כסלו 2, 5768 , 12/11/07

Dichter: IDF Failed in Preventing Smuggling

Public Minister Avi Dichter said Monday that the IDF and the General Security Services (Shabak) share the blame in the smuggling of drugs, prostitutes, weapons, and terrorists into Israel.  Egypt and Jordan are not solely responsible for preventing smugglers from reaching Israel, he said.   Dichter was invited to speak in the Knesset as part of a meeting called by the committees against trafficking in women and the drug industry.

Dichter spoke about plans to build a fence along the border with Egypt, warning that such a step would be insufficient to stop smuggling and infiltration.  Israel must invest in intelligence units to fight the phenomena, he said.  “When there is no intelligence information on criminal activity,” he said, “the work begins at the border itself, when it’s too late.”

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