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  חשון 20, 5768 , 01/11/07

‘Machsom Watch’ Told Soldiers to Release Terrorist

According to eyewitnesses, members of the extreme-left group “Machsom Watch” told soldiers to release an Arab teen who turned out to be an armed terrorist.  Soldiers at the Huwarra checkpoint apprehended a teen on Thursday after finding explosives on his person.  Soldiers wrestled the would-be attacker to the ground, and the explosives were later detonated by IDF sappers.

Members of “Women in Blue and White,” a group dedicated to encouraging soldiers at checkpoints and giving them food and drinks, were present at the time and said that members of “Machsom Watch” had yelled at the soldiers as they struggled with the terrorist, saying “Leave him alone, he’s just a child.”  Women in Blue and White activists added that many soldiers had complained about “Machsom Watch,” warning that the group has interfered in security checks and could cause a disaster.

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