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  חשון 19, 5768 , 31/10/07

Kidnapped Policewoman: Peki’in Riots ‘A Nightmare’

Border police officer Liat Duadi said Wednesday that her experience during riots in the Druze village of Peki’in on Tuesday was “a nightmare.”  The 19-year-old officer was separated from her fellow policemen and dragged 20 meters along the ground by anonymous attackers, she said.  An angry mob then began kicking her all over her body and some attackers attempted to stab her with a sharp object.  Duadi was saved from serious harm by her protective gear, and was left with only a relatively minor stab wound in one thigh.

Following the attack, Duadi managed to escape and was rescued by a local retired police officer, who protected her in the local prayer house while angry rioters shouted “You won’t get out of here alive until we get what we want.”  Duadi was rescued after police agreed to release five locals who had been arrested during the riots.  As she was driven back to her unit, she recalled, rioters broke the front windshield of the car and she was covered in shards of glass.

Duadi thanked the retired officer who saved her, saying he risked his own physical safety to protect her.  She said the experience “was hell,” but that she would rejoin the force after a short period of time off for recuperation.

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