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  חשון 4, 5768 , 16/10/07

Knesset Relaxes Dress Code for Disabled

The Knesset decided Tuesday to modify its demands on journalists and lobbyists to meet dress code standards that prohibit wearing jeans, sandals and immodest clothing when covering government events.

The move came after a disabled activist was kept waiting outside the Knesset building early Tuesday because he was wearing jeans. Knesset director-general Avi Balashnikov told reporters later in the day,  “I gave Mr. Yair an official letter of authorization allowing him to enter the Knesset in jeans due to his medical limitations and this will be the policy regarding any disabled persons.“

Shimon Yair, who wears leg braces, said he had to wear denim because the metal braces would tear other types of cloth used for slacks.

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