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  חשון 3, 5768 , 15/10/07

Fear and Loathing in Shechem

Many Arabs in Shechem are worse off than before the Palestinian Authority (PA) took over, according to a report from the Economist magazine. While the Arabs hate Israel, they are no fonder of their own rulers. It quoted one woman as saying that during Ramadan, she fasted "in order to work up more anger at the Israeli occupation" but then spent "the rest of the day venting spleen in equal measure at racist Israelis, hypocritical Muslims, backward Arabs and the whole stinking world in general."

A cardboard packaging company was described as working at 40 percent pre-Intifada capacity. The owner, looking at nearby Jewish communities, told the Economist reporter that the Jewish residents "are here to stay. It's very difficult to tell them to go back to the 1967 border; that's become history now.”

The Economist also reported that two terrorists recently freed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert were arrested by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and one was tortured in a way that was "worse than the Israelis."

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