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  תשרי 16, 5768 , 28/09/07

Rabbi Shapira's Funeral Procession Begins

The funeral procession for Rabbi Avraham Elkana Shapira has begun moving from Merkaz Harav yeshiva towards the Mount of Olives cemetery. Rabbi Shapira's sons and grandsons will not participate in the procession because they are Kohanim: members of the family of Temple priests, who are forbidden from entering a cemetery.

The procession's organizers asking the mourners not to crowd around the body because the procession needs to end at a relatively early hour, to allow people to return home for the Sabbath. The stretcher bearing the Rabbi's shrouded body will initially be carried by the teachers in Merkaz Harav yeshiva.

All streets surrounding the yeshiva are packed with mourners, and efforts are being made to separate the men from the women, on different sides of the street. While most of the mourners are from the National religious population, there are some haredi-religious as well. The late Rabbi studied in Hevron Yeshiva, which is a haredi institution.

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