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  תשרי 14, 5768 , 26/09/07

U. S. Arab Journalist: Saudi Lobby Dangerous

The Israeli lobby in Washington pales in comparison to the Saudi lobby, wrote Youssef Ibrahim, an Egyptian-born veteran journalist, who formerly wrote for The New York Times. Writing in the New York Sun, he stated that the Saudi lobby is made up of only several individuals but wield immense power and "represents a real and present danger to America's national interest."

"If Saudi Arabia wants American arms, Saudi Arabia gets arms," he declared. "If Saudi Arabia cries foul over the bin Laden flock being stuck here the day after their next of kin blew up the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, President Bush lets all 50 of them out, no questions asked. What gives?"

He also said that millions of dollars of Saudi contributions to American institutions are used for "the Saudi brand of Wahhabi Islam."

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