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  תשרי 11, 5768 , 23/09/07

Kfar Tavor Residents Accuse Driver of Murder

Residents of Kfar Tavor, where eight-year-old Tal Gino was killed by an ATV on Yom Kippur night, have accused the young Arab driver of the ATV of killing the girl on purpose.  The driver, Asad Shibli, reportedly struck Gino near a local synagogue after ignoring numerous requests to leave the area. 

Eyewitnesses said that Shibli and a friend had been driving at approximately 120 kph down a street full of children.  Many asked why Shibli and his friend had entered the Jewish town, where all shops and businesses were closed for the holiday, if not to harass Jewish worshippers.  One witness derided the police for refusing to define the incident as a terrorist attack, saying that if a Jewish driver had done what Shibli did in an Arab village, he would be charged with racially based murder.

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