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  Elul 14, 5767 , 28/08/07

IDF Deputy Chief: Hamas Terrorists Training in Iran

Hamas has sent hundreds of its terrorists to Iran for training and to learn Hizbullah tactics, deputy IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky told the International Herald Tribune. 

Kaplinsky confirmed reports that the growing Hamas army has built a complex system of smuggling tunnels, which also can be used to stage attacks and to retreat quickly. He revealed that Hamas possesses Katyusha rockets with a range of more than 10 miles and added that "if it continues in this way," the IDF will have to stage a major invasion in Gaza.

"The situation in the West Bank is very fragile," he said. "Any mistake, any failure on our side to prevent terror can change the situation in a day... I do know for sure the reason that Hamas is considered weak there is because of our security activities."

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