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  Av 19, 5767 , 03/08/07

Galilee Academician Supports Ariel University Status

A senior lecturer from the Emek Yizre'el College, Dr. Amir Hetzroni, has published an opinion piece in a leading website explaining why the Judea and Samaria College in Ariel deserves university status. This, despite the fact that left wing politicians and media have come out staunchly against the upgrading of the campus' status, for political reasons.

"Yes, there are settlers who study there and who research the teachings of Rabbi Kook," writes Hetzroni in Ynet, "but in their periodical, 'Social Issues in Israel,' there are articles that speak forthrightly about the occupation. Would that the Liberal Arts Faculty in Tel Aviv University had the same degree of human and ideological diversity as Ariel has. The monolithic post-Zionism in the existing universities only shows how much Israel needs a new university that will speak with more than one voice and give concrete meaning to the term 'academic freedom'."

Hetzroni goes on to explain that following the government's 2005 decision to create two universities, in the Galilee and in Ariel, the college at Ariel used its limited budgets to improve its academic staff's conditions and involve them in management decisions, while the Galilee misused $100 million it received from philanthropist Arnon Milchan, and now has six struggling small colleges whose best teachers hope for job offers from Ariel. 

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