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  Av 3, 5767 , 18/07/07

Syria Accuses Israel of Fabricating Evidence

Bashar Jafari, Syria’s representative to the United Nations, has given a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon complaining that Israel has fabricated evidence to support claims against Syria.  Jafari asked Ki-Moon and other UN officials to ignore evidence provided by Israel when accusing Syria of smuggling arms to Lebanon.


According to Jafari, the only reason Israel knows that Syria has broken UN resolution 1559 by smuggling weapons to Lebanon is that Israel broke resolution 1701 by flying spy planes over Lebanese territory.  He also claimed that trucks pictured crossing from Syria to Lebanon actually contained vegetables and not weapons. 


Multiple UN reports have contained complaints against Syria for allowing weapons to enter Lebanon.  The reports are supported by eyewitness testimony from observers at border crossings.

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