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  Sivan 16, 5767 , 02/06/07

Israel: BBC Entebbe Story 'Ridiculous'

Israel termed “ridiculous” on Friday reports that Mossad agents had been responsible for the hijacking of an Air France plane in 1976 that was taken to Entebbe Airport in Uganda. The plane was hijacked by Arab terrorists who let all the non-Jewish passengers go free, while keeping as hostages only the Jewish passengers. The passengers were eventually rescued in the famous IDF rescue mission, led by Yoni Netanyahu, older brother of Likud head MK Binyamin Netanyahu. Yoni Netanyahu was killed in the operation.

According to the report broadcast by the BBC, newly-released British intelligence documents revealed speculation that Israel coordinated the hijacking with Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists, with the intent of proving to France that the Arabs could not be trusted. The PFLP, however, tried to use the hijacking to squeeze Israel to release terrorists, and it was then that Israel sent in the rescue mission.

Officials in Vice Premier Shimon Peres' office, who was Defense Minister in the government of then-Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, called the story “foolishness” and “not worthy of comment.”
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