Jason - What Are You Doing??? An Israeli Call for Help

Susie Dym,

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לבן ריק
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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

Jason - What Are You Doing??? 

Behind the headlines, the Trump-Jason Greenblatt trip has ended badly for Israel. Here's the story:

Remember the Oslo Accords? They created terrorism -- rather than peace --  by generating  a “Palestinian Authority” in so-called “Areas A and B” of Israel’s critical Yehuda-Shomron region. Predictably, the Palestinian Authority did not content itself with “Areas A and B”. Instead, the Palestinians rushed to harness their worldwide anti-Israel automatic majority to gain control over “Area C” as well. 

    This is why “Palestinian construction in Area C” has long been an anti-Israel strategic goal. Area C is simply the entire Israeli-populated portion of Yehuda-Shomron  and  the region closest to Israel’s population centers -- just a bike-ride away from Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ben-Gurion airport! 

    For example, the strongly pro-Arab European Union has long insisted “Area C is occupied” and must become a “future Palestinian state”. 


     Most unfortunately, President Trump and emissary Jason Greenblatt – in their efforts to appease powerful Saudi Arabia which has significant job-creating ability for the American economy – have fallen into just this trap. So, emissary Jason insisted on Israel approving Palestinian construction in Area C -- as an Israeli “gesture” to the Palestinians: http://hamodia.com/2017/05/21/cabinet-set-approve-gestures-area-c-palestinians/

    How did Israel’s respond to this crisis? Predictably, Minister Naftali Bennet (National-Religious) opposed Jason’s demand -- and just as predictably, PM Netanyahu and Yisrael Katz (Likud) lobbied Israelis to acquiesce to Jason’s demands. "Predictably" because Netanyahu and Yisrael Katz are the very Likud ministers who crumbled in 2004/5, voting consistently FOR the disastrous Gush Katif disengagement plan – which later led to missiles on Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod.


     What is disappointing is that the more resilient Likud ministers gave way to President Trump and Jason Greenblatt (whereas in 2004/5, hawkish Likud ministers stood up to President Bush). So, a cabinet majority has been found to support Israeli “approval” of the Palestinian land-grab in Israel's crucial Area C!  http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.790695

    The concerned pro-Israel public can help – by immediately using email to strengthen Israel’s leaders. In Israel, every single email goes a long way (Mattot Arim, of which I am spokesperson, has decades of experience in email as a useful Israeli public affairs medium...)

 Example email text  that you can use if you don't have time to write your own (it's short enough to be read by Hebrew-speaking ministerial aides):


Israeli cabinet’s vote on Palestinian building of Area C is very sad! Sad that this vote was passed by Ministers Erdan, Elkin, Cachlon, Deri, Liberman and Netanyahu and Yisrael Katz! Yes, Palestinians must stop paying terrorist salaries. But Israel must not be punished for NOT paying terrorists: Israel should NOT agree to dangerous “gestures” in Area C!

Israel, don’t repeat Oslo and Gush Katif mistakes, we the undersigned PROMISE to continue supporting Israel even if she rejects wrongful American  demands that weaken Israel's Area C!

Sincerely (YOUR FULL NAME)

 EMAIL ADDRESSES: ISRAELI MINISTERS & MK's: כתובות מייל של שרים וח"כים

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Questions and comments: just contact mattot.arim at gmail.com. Or, if you need an English-language response, contact sddym at bezeqint.net and put "Susie - please respond IN ENGLISH" in the subject line. 

IMPORTANT: Jason will soon be returning to exert MORE PRESSURE on Israel! Therefore, it would be helpful if you could apprise your pro-Israel friends and family of the challenging situation described above. Usually, no-one will get to that, if you don't do it yourself, so thank you!