3 reasons why David Friedman may lack ONE vote tomorrow

Susie Dym,

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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 9)  a Senate Committee will vote on David Friedman’s presidential appointment as U.S. ambassador to Israel. Then the full Senate will vote on David’s nomination, same day or soon after.

Some estimates say that David Friedman may be missing ONE vote: http://www.haaretz.com/us-news/1.771377

Why? 3 reasons --

FIRST REASON: Radical leftwing groups have gone crazy opposing David’s appointment. This includes Israel-detractors like Americans for Peace Now, Jewish Voice for Peace,  JStreet, Partners for Progressive Israel,  Truah and  Union for Reform Judaism.  David is too pro-Israel for them. JStreet's arrogance knows no bounds - they are "demanding" a meeting with Friedman - http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/j-street-friedman-letter-235799http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/j-street-friedman-letter-235799

SECOND REASON:  Radical left Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein has opposed, and unfortunately, the Senator Minority Leader – Senator Charles Schumer of New York -- has not yet stated his support, although he should. http://www.secureamericanow.org/tell_senator_schumer_to_confirm_david_friedman

THIRD REASON:  Reportedly, AIPAC has yet to express their support of David! This is amazing - this organization does after all claim to be simply a pro-Israel organization with no strings attached. What's going on? 

AIPAC is an organization whose official po‎sition is, still, to support Palestinian state – contravening the po‎sitions of both the President of the USA and of the Government of Israel (and common sense).

Since President Trump’s election, AIPAC has insisted that Republican senators and congressman MUST support resolutions which favor Palestinian state.  AIPAC may feel that supporting David Friedman is not consistent with these priorities. This would be in keeping with the po‎sitions of the Democratic party, and some have jokingly said that AIPAC is more loyal to the Democratic party than to Israel!

To end on a positive, heartwarming note, we Israelis offer our deeply felt thanks to Israel’s brave Jewish and non-Jewish friends in the United States who are working for David Friedman, and  supporting his nomination:

 AFSI *  CIPAC *  Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations *  Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art *  Coalition for Jewish Values *  COPIA: Coalition of Pro-Israel Advocates *  Coordinating Council for the Jewish Homeland *  CUFI – Christians United for Israel *  EMET *  Iron Dome Alliance *  Israel Independence Fund *  Jewish Federations of North America *  Jewish Political Education Foundation *  Jews Choose Trump *  NORPAC *  Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce *  OU *  Religious Zionists of America *  Republican Jewish Coalition *  Republicans Overseas – Israel *  Save the West *  Sephardic Community Federation *  World Jewish Congress *  World Values Network * Young IsraeI *  Zionist Organization of America.

If we’ve neglected to add your organization to the above list, please email to mattot.arim’s gmail address.

3 reasons for concern - 1 thing that needs to be done: Contact your Senators now, so they will VOTE FOR DAVID – for the nominee who has dared to be supportive of America’s ally, Israel! 


This is Susie Dym, spokesperson for Mattot Arim. We're the Israeli NGO that has been working toward peace-for-peace since 1992.

We thank you for making that one more effort today, that will make you proud tomorrow.

Here's the link again: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/