Poll Shock: Not All Americans Consider Israel an Ally

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Shocking Poll, Not All Americans Consider Israel an Ally

We sometimes receive the New York Times International Edition, and since we don't pay for it, I really enjoy looking for interesting tidbits I wouldn't otherwise hear about. In the Feb. 7, 2017 edition, there's a very revealing article about how Democrats, Republicans and Independent perceive other countries:

Ranking American Allies

Places Americans say are allies



Canada 2nd 2nd 1st

Australia 4th 1st 2nd

Britain 1st 3rd 3rd

France 3rd 9th 5th

Italy 5th 4th 9th

Ireland 9th 6th 4th

Israel 28th 5th 17th

Norway 11th 13th 6th

Sweden 6th 10th 12th

Germany 8th 12th 7th

Switzerland 7th 7th 18th

New Zealand 10th 8th 8th

Netherlands 12th 14th 10th

Denmark 16th 11th 11th

Greece 13th 21s t23rd

The State of Israel, its politicians and citizens like to think of the United States as a reliable ally, and even when the Americans have been very critical, most Israelis remain loyal and supportive of the USA. Granted that the past eight years, when Barack Hussein Obama was the President, it was clear the relationship was rocky, but most Israelis still thought that there was a strong mutual respect between Americans and Israelis.

Some of us have been pretty suspicious or wary of American friendship, because we see so much support in academia, think-tanks and the political arena for a new Arab country which would be called "Palestine" replacing Israel. But even I was shocked when I saw these numbers:

Places Americans say are allies

Israel 28th 5th 17th

No other country is considered/ranked so differently by Republicans and Democrats. While Republicans consider Israel as the 5th highest ally, Democrats rank Israel 28th and Independents 17th. This poll sure puts life into the saying:

"Even paranoids have enemies."

Israelis must take this very seriously. For years I've been predicting that the trend of demonizing Israel will only get worse, and I don't see how it can get better. It's not just the anti-Israel media. It's the fact that universities teach that Jews have stolen Arab lands etc. Nowadays pro-Israel student groups are under attack all over the world. In many universities Israelis who come to speak are shouted down and worse.

So far, at least the among the Republicans Israel is seen as an ally and friend. Honestly, I don't know how to reverse the anti-Israel feeling in the states.

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