​​​​​​​Amona Blackmail: Double Drama tomorrow;Read Now!

Susie Dym,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.


Temporary Amona Arrangement has been offered – if Hasdara Law is TRASHED... As you can imagine, high drama is expected tomorrow. In fact -- DOUBLE DRAMA -- in Government, and in the Knesset, from morning to night. 

Background: Amona is Israel’s number one Zionist issue up for debate. This is a community in JudeaSamaria, in danger of extinction on the 1st night of Hanuka due to pro-Palestinian lawfare. 200 children live in Amona – from which Jerusalem (home to hundreds of thousands) is clearly visible.

The latest:

* Attorney-general  Mandelblit has published what has been called a "blackmail threat" to the long-suffering Amona familes. It does not provide any permanent solution for the endangered Amona community.

* And even the miserly temporary arrangement has a price-tag: Vital Hasdara law (Regulation Law) which provides a final legal framework for Jewish communities beyond ‘67 lines must be abandoned.

* The Amona  community has angrily rejected Mandelblit’s overture. "Our kids will not be deported temporarily now -- in order to be deported permanently in 8 months”, they say.  

* What's at stake? 2500 Judea Samaria homes in danger – even more homes than were bulldozed in the disastrous 2005 Gush Katif disengagement plan which brought rockets to Ashkelon and Ashdod. (This time – the rockets will be on Ben-Gurion airport and Jerusalem) 

Press coverage: English --  /News/News.aspx/220972


Hebrew: http://news.walla.co.il/item/3017933      http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4885825,00.html


Action: Please help Zionist Israel! Can you email immediately to the ministers and MKs? For example:

Dear Ministers, dear MKs -- Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a critical day –

    Cabinet is to vote in the morning on Amona – every single minister, please  attend so as not to endanger Amona!

    Amona will be debated all day in Knesset, and radical leftwing speakers will be vociferous – Zionist speakers please come, and come through! Every speaker counts.

    Late at night – Knesset vote on Amona – every finger has the potential of allowing Jewish children to keep their homes!

Sincerely, (please sign your full name, and send using these email addresses

aliberman@knesset.gov.il; shaskel@knesset.gov.il; yedelstein@knesset.gov.il; davidam@knesset.gov.il; amiro@knesset.gov.il; oakunis@knesset.gov.il; gerdan@knesset.gov.il; nboker@knesset.gov.il; dbitan@knesset.gov.il; anatb@knesset.gov.il; ggamliel@knesset.gov.il; davraham@knesset.gov.il; tzhanegbi@knesset.gov.il; sar@molsa.gov.il; yiskatz@knesset.gov.il; zakil@knesset.gov.il; ymazuz@knesset.gov.il; anagosa@knesset.gov.il; nkoren@knesset.gov.il;kayoob@knesset.gov.il; mregev@knesset.gov.il; ysteinitz@knesset.gov.il; ebendehan@knesset.gov.il; nissan@knesset.gov.il; ashaked@knesset.gov.il; smoalemr@knesset.gov.il; dazulay@knesset.gov.il; ybentzur@knesset.gov.il; aderey@knesset.gov.il; yvaknin@knesset.gov.il; izchakec@knesset.gov.il; ymargi@knesset.gov.il; mnahari@knesset.gov.il; ieichler@knesset.gov.il; mgafni@knesset.gov.il; ylitzman@knesset.gov.il; mmozes@knesset.gov.il; umaklev@knesset.gov.il; mporush@knesset.gov.il; amarh@knesset.gov.il; rilatov@knesset.gov.il; odedfo@knesset.gov.il; Sar@mof.gov.il; alavie@knesset.gov.il; michaels@knesset.gov.il; sterne@knesset.gov.il; lishkat_sar@education.gov.il;

Thank you very much for helping – and even more thanks are due to you, if you choose, also, to share this action alert with like-minded others. Not everyone who wants to see this, has seen it – you can help!