Israel vs. the Diplomatic Corps

Yisrael Medad,

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Yisrael Medad
I am a resident of Shiloh, with my wife and children, and now grandchildren, since 1981, having come on Aliyah in 1970. I have served in a volunteer capacity as a Yesha Council spokesperson, twice a member of Amana's secretariat, Benjamin Regional Council plenum member and mayor of Shiloh. I was a parliamentary aide for Geula Cohen and two other MKs, an advisor to a Minister, vice-chairman and executive director of Israel's Media Watch and was Information and Content Resource coordinator for the Begin Heritage Center. I am now Deputy Editor of the critical edition in anthology of Jabotinsky's writing in English.

It is no secret that the diplomatic corps stationed in Jerusalem, especially those representing European and Scandanavian countries, are quite exuberant about promoting the "Palestine" narrative.  At their urgings, major anti-Israel moves, such as labeling products originating in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria have been initiated and there have even been direct personal involvment in demonstrations or similar public activities.

A 2011 example:

EU Diplomats Say East Jerusalem Should Be Treated as Palestinian Capital
EU consuls in Palestinian Authority recommend boycotting Israeli products from East Jerusalem, call for EU officials to be present at home demolitions and evacuations.

Is this a new development?

Not really.

If you think that is a new problem or, at the least, post-1967, think again:

Jerusalem most difficult problem. GA [United Nations General Assembly] will take no specific action and then Israel and Jordan can work out agreement. Could take form either of complete partition of city cutting each side off entirely from other or cooperative arrangement. Latter preferred and could include free access to Scopus in return for free use of Bethlehem Road. Other Israeli lately insisted on Israel-controlled corridor to Scopus and not merely free access). Solution of Jerusalem problem would also permit Israel “make peace with consular corps.

That was contained in a telegram sent from the Vice-Consul at Jerusalem, William C. Burdett, to the Secretary of State on November 21, 1949. Here is any interesting interview with him.

Nothing new under the sun in Jerusalem.