Brexit & The Jews

Zalmi Unsdorfer,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Zalmi Unsdorfer
A Religious Zionist who advocates for Israel as a writer, TV & panel commentator. Chair of Likud-UK, he supports Jewish resettlement in all of the Jewish homeland, Eretz Israel. He regularly tweets @zalmiu...

Britain this week is a tethered lifeboat whose passengers are arguing whether to cut themselves loose from the EU ship Titanic which is sinking fast under a weight of printed debt, holed with porous borders and seething with civil unrest and fascist resurgence. 

It was built on lies and corruption ... and a lie cannot live forever.

It is undemocratic and anti-competitive, blocking trade from the very Third World to which it hands out paltry aid.

We have allowed unelected Eurocrats to erode our sovereignty, our national security, our national identity and pride ... and most everything else, down to the wattage of our hoovers and lightbulbs. 

But for us Zionists, the EU must be held to account for its recognition of Arafat's PLO, as their very first foreign policy act.

Its subsequent record on Israel is well known to us all.

Let that rotten ship sink with all its fatcats, let Europe's nations restore their independent statehood and autonomy ... and most importantly their self-respect.