Let ISIS speak for Palestine

Zalmi Unsdorfer,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Zalmi Unsdorfer
A Religious Zionist who advocates for Israel as a writer, TV & panel commentator. Chair of Likud-UK, he supports Jewish resettlement in all of the Jewish homeland, Eretz Israel. He regularly tweets @zalmiu...

In the run-up to this weekend’s visit by French foreign minister Fabius, one of his diplomats has been warning about the dangers of inertia in the peace process saying: If the conflict remains unresolved radical groups such as Islamic State will make the Palestinian cause their own'.

Well … would this be such a bad thing?

ISIS as standard-bearer for the PLO might actually work a lot better for Israel, both in terms of its international relations and national security.

When Abbas took over as PLO chief, he was dubbed: ‘Arafat in a suit and tie’. And yet, he presides over the same machine of incitement to murder Jewish civilians, more recently by street stabbings and car rammings. His Hamas partners throw people off buildings, drag them to death through the streets tied to car fenders and force women and children into the line of Israeli anti-rocket fire.

If ISIS took over the PLO cause as their own, the world might better understand what Israel was dealing with. Not Armani suits but pure evil.

The same goes for internal security. Not long ago, the Oslo dreamers were begging to give up the Golan Heights. Many of them will still have their heads in the sand even as ISIS and Al Qaeda establish footholds along the Syrian border. With these barbarians beheading their way through Kuneitra, I doubt many foreign leaders will be expecting us to cede them any territory.

Although there are a myriad factions involved in the Middle East power struggle, it really comes down to a simple choice: good versus evil. Many in the West can’t or won’t acknowledge the good side as long as Jews are on it. So they turn a blind eye to the all the slaughter, bombing, homophobia and misogyny that’s common to all the groups from PLO and Hamas, to Hizbullah and ISIS; the only differences being management and scale.

Winning any war starts with identifying the enemy.

The ISIS flag is quite striking.