Jews oppress ‘Palestinians’—again

Tuvia Brodie,

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Tuvia Brodie
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You know about those damn Jews in Israel, right? They just won’t stop oppressing ‘Palestinians’.

They mistreat Palestinians’. They abuse ‘Palestinians’.

The Jews in Israel run an Apartheid state. Everyone says so. You can even see the ‘Apartheid’ in how Jews treat the ‘Palestinians’ who work for them.

It’s disgusting. It’s immoral.

If you want proof how the Jews in Israel  treat ‘Palestinians’, try this on for size:

On September 21, 2014, the Arab newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published a damning expose. You should know about it. It comes to our attention because the blogger Ari Rusila has brought it up in an essay about the anti-Semitic nature of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) efforts in the European Union (“Top Priority of EU Foreign Policy: A New ‘Jude’ Badge”, Ari Rusila’s Conflicts, April 23, 2015). He references statistics from Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). It’s those statistics that show what the Jews are really like.

This expose (the Arabic article) strips the curtain of obfuscation Jews have thrown over their Apartheid crimes. It’s shocking. In fact, it’s so shocking, you might not believe it.

Well, believe it. Here’s a translated excerpt from the Arabic article. It reveals details of worker exploitation and abuse. This excerpt, as you’ll see, derived directly from interviews with ‘Palestinians’ who work for Jews:

"Whenever Palestinian workers have the opportunity to work for Israeli employers, they are quick to quit their jobs with their Palestinian employers - for reasons having to do with salaries and other rights.

An interview conducted by [the PA newspaper] Al-Hayat Al-Jadida with a representative group of Palestinian workers revealed that those working for Israelis receive much higher salaries than their colleagues employed by Palestinians. In addition, those working for Israelis receive their pensions directly or through the lawyer representing the union of professional organizations in their region, while Palestinians working for Palestinian employers receive their pensions [only] after negotiating with them, and after many deductions, or through a personal appeal to court ...

Furthermore, those working for Palestinian employers stated unanimously that they work without medical insurance, as [insurance] is not required by the Palestinian Labor Law, and that they receive no compensation for their travel expenses, while the Israeli employers, in most cases, pay their workers' travel expenses in both directions…

[According to one PA worker,] ‘The only cases in which a Palestinian worker does not receive the salary his Israeli [employer] determined for him are those cases in which the middleman is Palestinian. This is because he employs the workers at his own expense, and he is the one who pays their salaries, which puts the worker at risk of being exploited or having his wages withheld.’…

[Another PA worker said,] 'I work 10 hours a day [in the PA] and receive a monthly salary of not more than 1,900 shekels, and we have no additional rights like yearly vacations, travel expenses and so on.' He reveals that 'my colleagues who do the same work for Israelis receive 4,000 shekels a month for the same number of hours.'

[Another worker noted], 'I work eight hours in an Israeli restaurant near the Dead Sea and receive a salary of over 4,000 shekels, and my salary will increase because they are required to pay minimum wage [for Palestinian workers].' He added: 'They treat us well, and we receive our pensions easily…’

…Muhammad Al-Hinnawi, a construction worker, says: 'I receive [from a PA employer] a daily salary of 70 shekels, without pension, and I have no other choice.' By contrast, Thaer Al-Louzi, who used to work for an Israeli concrete factory, notes: 'I received a salary of 140 shekels a day. Now, after I was injured, I receive a salary through the insurance.' He adds: 'The work conditions are very good, and include transportation, medical insurance and pensions. These things do not exist with Palestinian employers'…

Surveys and interviews conducted by Al-Hayat Al-Jadida clarify that the salaries of workers employed by Palestinians amount to less than half the salaries of those who work for Israeli employers in the areas of the Israel-occupied  West Bank, which house factories, tourist facilities and agricultural lands….

In addition, the Palestinian worker receives nearly all of his rights from his Israeli employers…[and he] is entitled to yearly vacations, sick leave, [bonuses for] additional work hours and is paid for his travel expenses, while the majority of Palestinian employers do not provide these benefits to their workers” (Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Official PA daily lauds Israel’s treatment of Palestinian workers”, Palestine Media Watch, September 23, 2014; the article quoted was originally published in Arabic on September 21, 2014).

Dirty Jews. How dare they treat ‘Palestinians’ this way. You should boycott them so they won’t hire ‘Palestinian’ workers any more.

At least, that’s the message of the Boycott movement. But then, their message isn’t intended to help the ‘Palestinian’ people. It’s intended to destroy the Jewish state.

By the way, you might note that even though Leftists complain that Arab workers in Israel make lower salaries that Jews, those Arabs often have housing costs that are as much as 65 per lower—in many cases for similar housing—than what Jews have to pay. Many Arabs don’t pay real estate tax or pay for electricity. When you include the impact of these lower costs, those lower salaries are, in many cases, on par with their Jewish peers—or, in some cases, higher.

Of course, those who curse the Jews won’t tell you that. They also won’t tell you what the average PA worker will tell you: it’s better to work for the Jews than for a ‘Palestinian’.

This expose was written in the PA for an Arabic audience. It wasn’t written by Jews.

It’s a shock. You might not want to believe it. But the Jews treat PA Arabs better than the PA does.

Those who want ‘justice’ for the ‘Palestinians’ don’t want the Jews to do that. They don’t want the damn Jews anywhere near their ‘people’.

You might remember that the next time a ‘Justice for Palestine’—or ‘Boycott Israel’--rally shows up on your TV screen.

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