Laughing at an Israeli Soldier - Not Funny

Paula R. Stern,

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Paula R. Stern
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I've always tried to have a sense of humor and to accept that sometimes I think things are funny when others do not and, conversely, sometimes I think things aren't funny when others think they are hysterical.

The image of the exhausted baby nodding off in different directions to the hysterical laughter of the, sorry - please, take that child and let them rest comfortably. The "It's a Moron" video (take off from It's Amore) now making its way on Facebook showing dozens of...well, yeah...morons...jumping off roofs, crashing into poles, setting themselves on fire while posturing for the camera - sorry, most of these look painful and when funny turns to painful, it just isn't funny anymore. Same with humiliation. I'm not into laughing at the humiliation of others.

Apparently, Robby Berman, proud founder and director of the Halachic Organ Donor Society, doesn't have that problem. He can laugh when someone else is humiliated and gets personally insulted if you don't laugh with him.

Today on Facebook, he posted a video of two Israeli soldiers stationed on the rooftops somewhere. I could guess where, but there's no reason.

I won't post a link to the video. It shows one soldier climbing a full body's length below the rooftop.

When he gets up there, the second one hands up their weapons and then tries to boost himself up - with very little to assist him - and as he struggles, the music clicks in - laughter, childish, evil, nearly hysterical sounding laughter. The soldier drops down to the lower station, tries again, and again. The soldier from above tries to assist - fails...and finally, all accompanied to the wicked laughter dubbed in, the soldier finally manages to dump himself over the wall to the higher station.

The comment Robby Berman added to this video he decided to share goes like this:

"For all my Arab friends, you got me, this is hysterical! For all my right wing friends who can't laugh at themselves...piss off."

Well, first I'll say I'm not Robby Berman's friend.

Second I'll say that this isn't laughing about "themselves" as in "ourselves." This is laughing at an Israeli soldier stationed in some hostile environment.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was offended. The first person that I know to notice this disgusting Facebook post was Dave Bender, who posted his own response here:

It seems that Robby Berman only has a sense of humor when ridiculing others but not when people disagree with him. He unfriended several of those who disagreed with him. He is so proud of his ability to unfriend those who don't like his "sense of humor" (so much for the plurality and open-mindedness). He even boasted about his ability to cut off people who disagree with him:

Robby can't unfriend me because we aren't friends. So I felt free to post my opinion, citing two people I know who ARE friends with him...
Who should come to Robby's defense...his mother! Now, a mother has a choice in any situation...she can agree with a child or disagree; she can educate or support them when they go wrong. Sadly, Hannah chose wrong.

Sadly, I doubt that Robby will wake up. Meanwhile, others have added their comments (I assume Robby hasn't had a chance to delete them yet).

What I find ironic is what Robby does for a living. He is the "founder and director" of the "Halachic Organ Donor Society" - whatever that is...
Clearly, Robby believes that people should donate their organs when they die. I wonder how many Israeli soldiers have agreed to donate their organs...I personally know the family of at least one. I can't help but wonder what they would feel if they saw Robby's insensitive comment. 
Thank you, Toby...another friend of Robby's who disagrees with him!
Is this really what the director of an organization such as his should be posting to Facebook...what does it say about him...and perhaps about the organization he founded?
To be fair, Robby couldn't have known that just hours after he posted this video, two Israelis would be stabbed, one critically. At this moment, doctors are fighting to save his life after he was stabbed in the neck. Like Robby, this young soldier has worked hard to save others - he is a paramedic; the second soldier his assistant medic.
A sense of humor is a wonderful gift - but only when it is used wisely and properly. The video is accompanied with the wicked, gleeful laughter that clearly indicates, despite Robby's mother's attempt to indicate otherwise, joy at the soldier failing to climb to the much higher perch. I would love to see Robby post a video of himself trying to maneuver the same climb...but never mind. 
I'll end with two more comments - the last the most relevant.
What if one of the two guys stabbed this morning has signed on to be a HODS donor...should they think this is funny...and if they don't...will you tell them to "piss off"?
And here, Robby, is where you choose to be the kind of man, human being, Israeli, you could can spend the next while deleting these comments and pretending that your comment wasn't out of line, that you didn't just side with our can agree that your comment was out of line, certainly insensitive. You can rise up and the two soldiers injured today, to all soldiers and to all Israelis....
Or, you can keep deleting comments, unfriending people on Facebook and stick to the idea that it's okay to laugh at people doing their jobs, support the humiliation of good people and then expect people to consider you sensitive, mature, and compassionate enough to discuss the issue of organ donation. the way, how many Arabs agree to donate organs through your organization?
Oh...and Robby's response....

Well, that's a fail in my department...lighten up...sure, no problem, the way, the bus that comes to my city was stoned about an hour ago. Lighten up, right? Oh, and the light rail was just stoned again this morning. Lighten up, right? 
I guess the old double standard is alive and well...

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