How Long Will We Let Ourselves Be Made Fools? (Part 1)

Rob Muchnick,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Rob Muchnick
Rob Muchnick is the US Representative of the new Israeli political party, Zehut, which will be running in the next election. Zehut, headed by former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin, believes that for Israel to thrive it must follow its Jewish identity, as opposed to the current path of following its Israeli identity. For more information, please visit Mr. Muchnick may be reached at .

"It is much easier to fool people than to make them realize they have been played for fools.”     -   Mark Twain

What is wrong with those of us who call ourselves “the right”? Are we gluttons for punishment? We keep putting our faith in false messiahs like Bibi and keep getting smacked in the mouth over and over and over again.

Before I go further, let me state clearly that I was one of only 3 or 4 right-wingers I know who haven't bought into any part of Bibi's act. I slammed Bibi for his recent speech in DC in which he begged the US to handle Iran's nukes, and after Bibi had another election-day right-wing conversion and said last week that ‘no Palestinian [sic] state will come into being on his watch’, I said that not one word out of Bibi’s mouth - no matter how good it sounds - should ever be trusted. Ever!

Upon Bibi’s election victory, I saw some of these doozies out of the pens of right-wing leaders and journalists:

“It is good to thank the Almighty”

“Post Purim miracle”

“Bibi's victory for the free world”

“Victory for Likud, Netanyahu and the Right. We can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.”

“Netanyahu has done his utmost to ensure Israel’s security…This is a brilliant victory for Netanyahu.”

Of course, let’s not forget that upon Bibi’s speech in DC, virtually all of the right were calling Bibi “today’s Churchill” and also nominating him “the leader of the free world”.

Can we all please come back to reality? 

So, is Bibi the ‘new Churchill’?

Churchill closed the gates of pre-state Israel to the Jews and left them to die in the ovens of Auschwitz! He enforced the evil White Paper of 1939 which limited Jewish immigration to 150,000 through the end of the Mandate, and yet this ‘hero’ Churchill only actually allowed in approximately half of that number. Not to be content with keeping Jews out of their biblical homeland for which his country had pledged to create a Jewish state therein, he had his anti-Semitic goons scour the Land of Israel for Jews who didn’t have correct papers and he kicked them out and back to Europe as well. We all know what happened to them, too.

Churchill could have opened the Land of Israel to Jews, as he was legally and morally obligated to do, and by doing so he could have saved a million Jews. But, alas, he chose to keep them in Hitler’s reach, knowing full well what would be their end.

If you ask me, Churchill is roasting in hell.

So, is Bibi the ‘next Churchill’? Hmm.

Bibi has his goons scour the Jewish biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria for Jews who don’t have the correct papers for their homes. When he finds them, he destroys their homes. Bibi even went so far as to destroy the homes of three heroic Jewish soldiers who were fighting in Gaza this summer, while they were actually fighting! They came home from risking their lives to find their homes destroyed by the ‘new Churchill’.

And here’s a small sampling of additional actions taken by ‘the leader of the free world’:

-    Bibi pledged to end the Oslo process when he first ran for PM, but 10 minutes after he took office, he changed his mind. 

-    He smiled and laughed when he hugged the Jew-murderer Arafat.

-    He removed the IDF from 97% of Hebron, resulting in the murder of 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass.

-    He released thousands of terrorists, including many Jew-murderers. One of these terrorists went on to murder 31 Jews in two bus-bombings.Many more Jews died because he released these animals.

-    He has done nothing to help secure the release of the holy Jew Jonathan Pollard.

-    He voted in favor of Sharon’s Expulsion a few times, and other times he abstained, thereby permitting Sharon’s Evil Plan to pass the Knesset. He then resigned from his ministerial position a week before Sharon’s Expulsion commenced, in order to make everyone look back and think that he actually opposed expelling the 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria. He's got really strong principles, doesn't he?

-    He issued a 10-month construction freeze for Jews only in Judea and Samaria in order to have the privilege of sitting at the negotiating table with the Jew-murderer Abbas. 

-    Bibi never actually calls Abbas a Jew-murdering terrorist, but only opposes Abbas because he has formed a unity pact with ‘the terrorists of Hamas’. Now, of course Hamas are terrorist thugs, but to borrow a phrase from the anti-Semitic sitting president of the United States, let me be perfectly clear: Abbas and his PLO are bigger terrorists than Hamas!  Abbas financed the Munich Massacre, is a Holocaust Denier, has said he’ll never disarm the terrorists (which of course he can’t because he is the biggest one), he’ll only recognize Israel after it has a Muslim majority, and he orchestrates and finances the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade and Fatah terrorists. 

-    Bibi has basically made eight neighborhoods of Jerusalem “Jew-free”, as he is obviously laying the groundwork to give parts of our holiest city to Abbas.

-    He says he wants Abbas to recognize Israel as “the Jewish state”, but he refuses to let Jews pray on our holiest site, the Temple Mount.

-    He says that he’ll do everything he can to ensure Israel’s security but he continues to attempt to create “Palestine” in our biblical heartland, even though it is clear that any future ‘Palestine’ will be a clear and imminent danger to Israel’s existence. Abbas even authored the PLO’s 1974 Phased Plan, in which the PLO states that they’ll take whatever lands that they can take from Israel through negotiations and use this land as a base from which to destroy whatever is left of Israel. Maybe Bibi can’t read?

-    He fights wars against Hamas but refuses to win, because winning would mean Israel annexing Gaza. He even has his soldiers stop fighting for two hours during the day to deliver supplies to the enemy civilians. Are we trying to win? Of course not.

-    He continues to provide electricity, fuel, cement and other essential supplies to the PLO and to Hamas, which use these in their attempts to annihilate us.

-    During the latest war, he agreed to a cease-fire after 2 or 3 days, and before Israel discovered the extensive Hamas network of terror tunnels. This was after an IDF officer declared that Israel had the best intelligence it has ever had against Hamas. Either Israel had terrible intelligence or Bibi wanted to let Hamas keep its tunnels. Either way, Bibi deserves the blame.

-    And on Iran, Bibi goes to DC to beg the pro-Arab/Muslim American President to take care of the Iranian nuclear problem, even though we all understand in our bones that Israel must handle this issue by itself. Every day that Iran has a nuclear program makes it harder for us to handle it ourselves. Also, by coming to America to beg for this help, Bibi gives up Israel’s legitimacy to handle it alone. As they used to say in the American west, ‘If you want to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”

-     Then, to get elected, once again Bibi declared that he is opposed to a PLO state inside Israel, but literally 2 days after the election he reversed course once again saying that he supports "2 states for 2 peoples", even though the 'palestinians' freely admit that they are a 'nation' of Arabs that was invented by them recently simply in order to destroy Israel. Bibi further clarified that he is only against 'palestine' right now because the Arabs aren't ready to make it peaceful. In one sentence, here's Bibi's philosophy: To get elected, veer right and oppose giving away any of the Land of Israel; once elected, do everything you can to give it away to modern-day Amalek.

So, yes, Bibi is well on his way to becoming the next Churchill for the Jews, unfortunately. G-d willing his selling out of the Jews doesn’t have the same disastrous results as when Churchill did it.

To quote one of the seriously wrong headlines of praise for Bibi’s re-election, “Yes, it is good to thank the Almighty.”

Yes, it is very good to thank the Almighty, but certainly not for Bibi’s re-election.

While the other choices for prime minister did not hide their desire to implement policies that would destroy Israel, all of Bibi’s actions are working toward that goal. 

The only difference between Bibi and the others is that Israel will probably die a slower death under Bibi (G-d forbid) than under the others.

Is this why we are so happy?

We need to do better.

Much better.

(In part 2, I'll look a little deeper at our collective right-wing psychoses.)