The Real Headline About Sarah Netanyahu

Baruch Gordon,

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Baruch Gordon
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For the last week, Israel’s papers and talk shows reported of possible overspending and wrong-doing in the Prime Minister’s official Jerusalem residence. Among the allegations is the claim that First Lady Sarah Netanyahu stole money from public coffers by pocketing the cash she received from bottle returns.

Here is a direct quote from Yedioth Acharonot newspaper from two days ago:
[State Comptroller] Shapira announced his suspicion of foul play regarding the bottle affair (in which Sara Netanyahu was accused of personally taking funds received from recycling state-funded beverage bottles.)

Today’s front page headline of Yedioth Acharonot again relates to the bottle affair:

Today's Front Page Headline

Quick calculation: As per today’s rate, each bottle return yields 6.476684 pennies (25 agorot). Say 1,000 bottles are returned each month. Consequently, the allegation occupying front page headlines and being promoted to the top item on TV and radio talk shows is that Sarah Netanyahu is pocketing 250 NIS ($64.7668394) of state funds per month. 

Whether the number is actually twice or half of that amount, it is an insult to the intelligence of the Israeli public to inflate such a petty charge into a full-blown scandal - “the bottle affair.”

The fact that editors included this charge indicates to me the nature of the other allegations. If I were Yedioth editor, and a writer included the “bottle affair” in the article, I would say to him, “Take that out because it is completely inconsequential what the First Lady did with the 6.476684 pennies per bottle that she recycled. It detracts from the severity of the other claims.”

The fact that the State Comptroller and the media included it, demonstrates that Netanyahu’s enemies are desperate and are shooting from the hip at anything they can find.

Before I resign my 2-minute term as editor of Yedioth Acharonot, here is the real bottle affair headline: First Lady Recycles Bottles.

Do you get that? Workers from the official residence were probably accustomed to throwing the bottles in the trash like most people. If a green-leaning, ecological-minded worker asked a previous First Lady, “Ma’am, can we recycle all the bottles,” she probably answered, “No, the staff can’t be bothered with that. Throw ‘em away. Focus on the task of keeping the residence in top shape to be presentable to guests.”
Along comes Sarah Netanyahu and answers, “Yes! Recycle every bottle.” The green-clean organizations should be pumping out press releases citing Sarah’s ecological concerns as an example to follow. Imagine how many Israelis might start recycling if they knew that even the First Lady bothers with delivering bottles to the recycle bin. 

My conclusion is to chuck Yedioth Acharonot to the trash bin, and follow Sarah Netanyahu’s example of throwing used bottles into the recycle bin. Go Sarah!

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