Ahronovitz must go !

Zalmi Unsdorfer,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Zalmi Unsdorfer
A Religious Zionist who advocates for Israel as a writer, TV & panel commentator. Chair of Likud-UK, he supports Jewish resettlement in all of the Jewish homeland, Eretz Israel. He regularly tweets @zalmiu...

The Molotov Intifada has been brewing all year and - aside from the Gaza diversion - it seems that the powers that be have their heads firmly in the sand hoping it will simply go away.

The trouble is that Arabs have respect for only one thing: power. Or as Osama Bin Laden put it: the strong horse as opposed to the weak horse.

Netanyahu has already projected weakness externally with Hamas in the South which we all know will not have been lost on Hezbullah in the North.  If that wasn’t bad enough, his government is now projecting weakness internally. And most seriously within the nation’s capital. The French Hill area has been out of control for months, with incessant attacks and vandalism on the Jerusalem Light Railway, constant rock throwing, attacks on yeshiva students in and around the Old City, and most recently the firebombing of the French Hill gas station.

This section between the Old City and Mount Scopus has great symbolism for Jews both in terms of the massacre of the medical convoy to Hadassah Hospital in 1948 and for the bloodiest of battles to liberate the Old City itself in 1967. In just a few hours on June 6th 1967 thirty-six Israeli soldiers gave up their lives trying to hold on to this vital Jerusalem artery that today’s police chiefs seem to have almost abandoned as a no-go area.

Recently the Shin Bet itself reported that terror attacks in Jerusalem have grown exponentially over the past few months. According to their data, 3 attempted terror attacks occurred in the city in March this year whilst in April, there were 7. In May and June, there were 22 attacks, while in July and August there were 152 attacks and incidents of terrorism in the city. Their report added that there was much more violence in Jerusalem during the recent Gaza war than there was in Judea and Samaria. It's out of control.

The man currently responsible for internal security is Police Minister Yitzchak Ahronovitz (pictured above). 

Never shy of interviews, this grandfatherly figure hardly seems the type to instil fear and deterrence into the hooligans of Issawa, Wadi Joz and Sheikh Jarrah.  

Compare Ahronovitz to former police minister Uzi Landau (pictured below) and you get the message re image.

Landau is now in charge of tourism ! (Remember when they put trade union leader Amir Peretz in charge of defense??). 

Today’s rock throwers and gas station bombers will become tomorrow’s Hamas lieutenants if they are not shown zero tolerance of the kind that Rudy Giuliani used to clean up the crime-infested streets of New York.

Israel – and in particular Jerusalem – needs a new, no-nonsense, police minister.

One who – in the words of Yitzchak Rabin – is prepared to break bones.

If we continue to show tolerance, we will become the zero.

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