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Today in Israel

By Paula Stern
9/2/2014, 11:09 PM

Today, no rockets hit my country, no mortars were shot at my land. No buses exploded; no restaurant was bombed. No one was murdered simply for being an Israeli, a Jew. 

In the morning, children got up, got dressed, went to school and ate lunch. They went home and played outside or inside - whatever they wanted. They rode their bicycles and went to the park. They didn't count seconds and hopefully never imagined hearing a siren.

We adults got up in the morning, got dressed, went to work. We had our meetings, answered our emails. We ate lunch at our desks, in the restaurants, in the cafeterias. Some of us went shopping; some strolled outside to enjoy the last few days of summer. We drove home, took the bus, the train, bicycled, walked. We ate dinner, outside or inside - whatever we wanted. Some of us went to a movie, some to a show. Some went to a wedding, some for a drive. Some said good night to their children, and hopefully didn't imagine having to awaken them and rush them to a bomb shelter.

Today, no rockets hit my country.

Sometimes, that's as good as it gets.