Apreciation to Indians for Israel

David Ha'ivri,

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David Ha'ivri
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It is my honor to share the below email that I received from friends of Israel in India with report on major rally of support from the people of India to the people of Israel. This is a sign not only of true friendship, but of understanding and mutual interests that should benefit to both nations. I send blessing and appreciation back to our dear friends in the east.

The biggest Pro-Israel, anti-terror rally in recent years, anywhere in the world, happened in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 20,000 voices roared, not just for Israel but in support of the values that we all hold dear for humanity, mutual respect, co-existence and gender equality. A billion people in India, who always supported Israel at heart, is active in the social media, so far lacked a voice and the courage to show their support on the streets. This rally gave voice to those billion people. 

Press Release:

The Israeli nation and the Jewish people worldwide have felt let down by successive Indian governments during discussions on Gaza in the United Nation. The governments may have its own compulsions, but these actions have always received support in the eastern state of India, West Bengal and a few other states in India.  The governments in these states often encourage anti-Israel groups in order to appease the large Muslim population for electoral gains. India has a large Muslim population. Some within this population are very hostile to the Jewish state. This population also includes citizens from neighbouring Bangladesh who reside illegally in India. 

The actions of these governments create an environment of a psychological seize. Majority voices of a billion plus people in India and millions those in the state of West Bengal who strongly support Israel are regularly drowned out. To give voice to the majority of Indians who support Israel and oppose terrorist organizations like Hamas, ISIS, LeT, Huji and Boko Haram, on the 16th of August, 2014, Hindu Samhati, a non-political organization led by Mr. Tapan Ghosh organized a mammoth rally in the city of Kolkata, India. The rally was held in memory of the ‘Great Calcutta Killing’. On this day in 1946, more than 5000 thousand innocent Hindus were massacred in Kolkata, under the Muslim League government led by Suhrawardi who was in power at that time. However one Bengal hero, Mr. Gopal Mukhopadhyay and his team under the guidance of Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukhopadhyay, leader of Hindu Mahasabha built a resistance against the attack on Hindus and saved the community. They also helped to keep Kolkata, the present day capital city of West Bengal, to remain part of India. 

This rally witnessed the biggest ever show of solidarity in support of Israel in India and also anywhere in the world where more than 20 thousand people raised their voices against the continuous rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas and against international terrorism at large. The city of Kolkata which had so far, seen protest marches by only those against Israel, saw a new chapter in history being made through this rally. Founder & President of Hindu Samhati, Mr.Tapan Ghosh, who is also known to be a crusader for atrocities against women, said that Israel has every right to defend her territory from Terrorists and ensure the safety of her citizens.  Mr. Ghosh also talked about India and Israel, both being surrounded by very hostile neighbours, being united in peace. "The destiny of both India and Israel as thriving democracies is intertwined. We both share the same values", he said. Israel helped India during last two wars, while 70000 Indian Jews live in Israel under the shadow of daily rocket attacks by Hamas and threats of terror tunnels. Apart from Hindus, people of other faiths also attended the rally. The Sikh community was represented by Mr.Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga who spoke as a special guest on the occasion. Representatives of the persecuted Buddhist community in Bangladesh also attended the rally. 

This is all set to become the beginning of a new era in the international relationship. Forever marginalized Hindus in the state of West Bengal, under pressure from mounting Islamic extremism, seemed to have found a new platform in Hindu Samhati to express their voice. If this trend is continued, it is very much poised to unsettle the political arithmetic of the state in the coming state legislative election which is due in less than 2 years.

​​Zionist activist Zemira Eli Natan from California, USA provided assistance to the organizers in India in production of this event.