"Hamas Amy" Goodman Blood Libels Israel

Bill Levinson,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Bill Levinson

My local paper has carried more than one column by Democracy Now host Amy Goodman and they consist of one-sided attacks on Israel. Hamas Amy's most recent, "Gaza war is Israel’s ‘profound crisis,'" begins,

The Israeli assault on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip has entered its fourth week. This military attack, waged by land, sea and air, has been going on longer than the devastating assault in 2008/2009, which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians. The death toll in this current attack is at least 1,300, overwhelmingly civilians. As this column was being written, the United Nations confirmed that a U.N. school in Gaza, where thousands of civilians were seeking shelter, was bombed by the Israeli Defense Forces, killing at least 20 people. The United Nations said it reported the exact coordinates of the shelter to the Israeli military 17 times.

A half-truth is little better than a lie, and is sometimes even worse. The statement "Winston Churchill shot and killed Sudanese natives" is entirely truthful. In the absence of qualification or the complete context, it also (not legal advice) might have been a libelous implied accusation of murder. As Paul Harvey said, "Now for the rest of the story," as recounted by Churchill.

I saw the gleam of his curved sword as he drew it back for a ham-stringing cut. I had room and time enough to turn my pony out of his reach, and leaning over on the off side I fired two shots into him at about three yards. As I straightened myself in the saddle, I saw before me another figure with uplifted sword. I raised my pistol and fired. So close were we that the pistol itself actually struck him. Man and sword disappeared below and behind me. ...Wounded several times, [the Dervish] staggered towards me raising his spear. I shot him at less than a yard. He fell on the sand, and lay there dead. How easy to kill a man!

The events in question took place, of course, during the charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman (1898), where the regiment in question paid a quarter of its strength for three Victoria Crosses. It is not, of course, murder to kill people who are trying to kill you along with comrades for whose safety you are responsible. Now we will fill in the context that Hamas Amy--that's her new name----omitted from her article. "Now for the rest of the story."

  • Israel did bomb a UN school, and rightly so because terrorists were firing mortar bombs from the school. The Geneva Convention  makes the terrorists, and not Israel, guilty of a war crime for putting children and teachers at risk by firing weapons from or near a school. The fact that the UN gave Israel the school's po‎sition is irrelevant, and the older Lieber Code (an ancestor of the Hague and Geneva Conventions) makes this clear. "Honorable belligerents often request that the hospitals within the territory of the enemy may be designated [by yellow flags], so that they may be spared. An honorable belligerent allows himself to be guided by flags or signals of protection as much as the contingencies and the necessities of the fight will permit. It is justly considered an act of bad faith, of infamy or fiendishness, to deceive the enemy by flags of protection. Such act of bad faith may be good cause for refusing to respect such flags." The terrorists and United Nations sought to protect military assets with the equivalent of flags of protection, which is an act of perfidy.
  • Hamas Amy omits the fact that most of the civilians who die are killed because Hamas uses them as human shields. Here is a video in which a Hamas terrorist says openly that Hamas uses human shields. which is a war crime.
  • Hamas Amy omits the fact that, of the 1300 civilians who were killed, 160 were children whom Hamas killed by using them as child labor to build tunnels.
  • The UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) allowed Hamas to build tunnels under a medical clinic, and also allowed Hamas to booby-trap the clinic to kill three Israeli soldiers. Any UNRWA personnel who were knowing and willful parties to this misuse of the UN's neutrality are probably guilty of a war crime (perfidy).
  • It is also a matter of record that UNRWA allowed terrorists to store rockets in an unused school, thus again abusing its neutral status to the extent that the IDF should now probably fire on the UN flag on sight. If that sounds extreme, "It was later reported that rather than destroying the rockets, UNRWA workers called Hamas to come remove them." Note also that it is a felony in the U.S. to provide material support to a terrorist organization like Hamas, which now means the diversion of more than $7 billion of taxpayer money to the UN aids and abets a felony.
  • Defund the UNRWA reinforces the fact that UNRWA is giving material support to terrorists, and that UN facilities should lose the protection of neutrality. “I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll,” a former UNRWA Commissioner General said, “and I don’t see that as a crime.” Again, U.S. law defines material support for terrorists as a felony.