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Painfully Deja Vu, Terror Attack at the Bus Stop

By Batya Medad
7/25/2014, 6:07 PM

Painfully Deja Vu, Terror Attack at the Bus Stop

Yes, I've written about it many times. I am a terror attack survivor.

Almost twenty years ago, when I was waiting for a bus or ride, whichever would come first, an Arab terrorist rammed into me and over twenty other people. He killed one and wounded many. I was the lightest injured of the injured.

Honestly, what hurt the most was the fact that the police first tried to claim that it was an accident.  Just like I heard on the news today. Today an Arab terrorist took advantage of the fact that there were people waiting on a roadside for a ride, outside of the protective barriers, in my case there weren't any protective barriers, and he quickly turned, rammed into the them and fled.

A young woman was injured.

In my day there were no easy to use digital cameras to record the attack, but I have no doubt it was similar but worse.

Refuah Shleimah to the injured and Shabbat Shalom