IDF Video: Hamas Shoots from Hospital

US Israel Supporter,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
US Israel Supporter

Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site proves unequivocally that Hamas fired small arms from a hospital. The secondary explosions after the IDF bombed the hospital prove that Hamas' "medical equipment," like that often carried in Palestinian ambulances, consists primarily of energetic materials. This kind of be‎havior, along with Hamas' long litany of mindless terroristic violence, makes Hamas nithings: subhuman (by be‎havioral choice, not race or ethnicity) enemies of humanity as defined by the Lieber Code of 1863.

Art. 115. It is customary to designate by certain flags (usually yellow) the hospitals in places which are shelled, so that the besieging enemy may avoid firing on them. The same has been done in battles, when hospitals are situated within the field of the engagement.
Art. 116. Honorable belligerents often request that the hospitals within the territory of the enemy may be designated, so that they may be spared. An honorable belligerent allows himself to be guided by flags or signals of protection as much as the contingencies and the necessities of the fight will permit.
Art. 117. It is justly considered an act of bad faith, of infamy or fiendishness, to deceive the enemy by flags of protection. Such act of bad faith may be good cause for refusing to respect such flags.

Use of a hospital as a gun emplacement, use of civilians as human shields, use of ambulances to convey munitions, disguising combatants as civilians, broken truces, and other typical Hamas be‎havior, all qualify as perfidy; a war crime traditionally punishable by death on the spot. One who engages in this be‎havior is what Scandinavians called a nithing; a hostis humani generis (enemy of Humanity) whom anybody was free to kill on the spot. The closest Arab word is musfid; an evildoer. These evildoers are menaces not only to Jews and Christians, but also to Muslims who want nothing more than to live in peace with each other and their neighbors.