IDF Video: Hamas Nithings Shoot from Hospital

Bill Levinson,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Bill Levinson

Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site proves unequivocally that Hamas fired small arms from a hospital. The secondary explosions after the IDF bombed the hospital prove that Hamas' "medical equipment," like that often carried in Palestinian ambulances, consists primarily of energetic materials. This kind of be‎havior, along with Hamas' long litany of mindless terroristic violence, makes Hamas nithings: subhuman (by be‎havioral choice, not race or ethnicity) enemies of humanity as defined by the Lieber Code of 1863.

Art. 115. It is customary to designate by certain flags (usually yellow) the hospitals in places which are shelled, so that the besieging enemy may avoid firing on them. The same has been done in battles, when hospitals are situated within the field of the engagement.
Art. 116. Honorable belligerents often request that the hospitals within the territory of the enemy may be designated, so that they may be spared. An honorable belligerent allows himself to be guided by flags or signals of protection as much as the contingencies and the necessities of the fight will permit.
Art. 117. It is justly considered an act of bad faith, of infamy or fiendishness, to deceive the enemy by flags of protection. Such act of bad faith may be good cause for refusing to respect such flags.

Use of a hospital as a gun emplacement, use of civilians as human shields, use of ambulances to convey munitions, disguising combatants as civilians, broken truces, and other typical Hamas be‎havior, all qualify as perfidy; a war crime traditionally punishable by death on the spot. One who engages in this be‎havior is what Scandinavians called a nithing; a hostis humani generis (enemy of Humanity) whom anybody was free to kill on the spot. The closest Arab word is musfid; an evildoer. These evildoers are menaces not only to Jews and Christians, but also to Muslims who want nothing more than to live in peace with each other and their neighbors.

Nithing: The Most Offensive Word on Earth

Nithing is inherently more offensive than the well-known N word for a Black person, because the N word means simply "Black." It is offensive to Black people only because of the context in which racists used it for many years. The best way to imagine a nithing, on the other hand, is to think of the demons in the video game Hellgate London, or the zombies that are popular targets in first person shooter games. The aggressors bear so little resemblance to human beings that a player can safely develop conditioned reflexes to shoot them on sight without possibly endangering others in the real world.* Somebody, in fact, created a video of Hellgate London that went with the rock group Sabaton's Endless Nights.

Demons marked with the five-edged star
Haunt our dreams in this endless war
Killing children and raping women
Now it’s time to die

It is pretty obvious that demons, or for that matter Islamists, that kill children and rape women, are inhuman monsters to be exterminated on sight. That is the definition of a nithing. Furthermore, noting Sweden's hate speech laws that criminalize criticism of militant Islam, and also an epidemic of Islamist rape of Swedish women, it's conceivable that the demons from Hell are stand-ins for a very real problem. (Another example was the play The Crucible, which was ostensibly about 17th century witch-hunts, but it really related to Joe McCarthy's Communist hunts.) If Endless Nights could be licensed from Sabaton, it would certainly go well with videos of violent Islamist demonstrations that, for example, call upon Islamists to take Danish women as war booty.

The Wikipedia entry adds of nithings,

Severe misdeeds were perjury deeds, especially if they had been committed insidiously and in secret. Such perpetrators were nithings, despicable beings. Their perjury deeds included: Murder, theft, nightly arson, as well as any deeds that harmed the kinship's legally protected rights (treason, deserting to the enemy, deserting from the army, resisting to fight in a war, and perversion).[19] [Furthermore these deeds included] any crimes offending the deities, such as breaking a special peace treaty (for example thing peace, armistice, security of the ceremony places and buildings, or a special festivity peace), trespass, defilement of graves, sorcery, finally all perjury deeds indicating moral degeneration, such as oathbreaking, perversion, acts of nasty cowardness[20] [i. e. any acts] of moral degeneration.[21]

A hudna or phony truce is, of course, a form of oathbreaking, and truce-breaking: forms of perfidy for which the offender could traditionally be killed on the spot. The word nithing was so offensive that, if somebody called you that in mediev‎al Scandinavia, you had to fight a duel (holmgang) or be outlawed, i.e. placed outside the law's protection. That meant anybody was free to kill you, and Israel should consider itself free to kill every last member of Hamas for the same reason.

If someone speaks insults to another man (”You’re not the like of a man, and not a man in your chest!” – ”I’m a man like you!”), they shall meet where three roads meet. If he who has spoken comes and not the insulted one, then he shall be as he’s been called: no right to swear oaths, no right to bear witness, may it concern man or woman.

If the insulted one comes and not he who has spoken, then he shall cry ”Niðingr!” three times and make a mark in the ground, and he is worse who spoke what he dared not keep.

Now both meet fully armed: if the insulted one falls, the compensation is half a weregild [man-price, compensation for wrongful death]; if he who has spoken falls, insults are the worst, the tongue the head’s bane, he shall lie in a field of no compensation.

Hamas' Typical Nithing be‎havior

It is not enough, of course, to just call the enemy a dirty name; the Islamists do that to Israel all the time. One must prove it or, even better, have the enemy supply the proof.

  • Hamas breaks truces almost as soon as it makes them
  • Hamas uses ambulances to transport combatants and munitions
  • Hamas fires weapons from hospitals, in which it has stored munitions
  • Hamas kidnaps and murders civilians
  • Hamas disguises combatants as civilians
  • Hamas fires rockets at a civilian airport, thus putting itself on the level of the Al Qaida terrorists who perpetrated 9/11. Most Americans regard Al Qaida as subhuman (by be‎havioral choice, not race or ethnicity) monsters deserving of extermination, and we were delighted when a Navy SEAL put a round in Osama bin Laden's thoracic cavity followed by another to his head.
  • Hamas uses Arab civilians as human shields.
  • Hamas indoctrinates its children with hatred, thus denying them any opportunity to become productive human beings.
  • A Palestinian woman who was treated for burns at Soroka Hospital returned to the hospital, with a bomb disguised as a pregnancy, to kill the medical personnel who had helped her, along with other innocent people.
  • Islamists murdered the Fogel family, and even cut the head off an infant.

We are not talking about opposing soldiers who are doing nothing worse than wearing the wrong color uniforms. We are talking about inhuman monsters, the real world counterpart of demons from Hell, who engage in willful sadistic depravity and perfidy. They are actually worse than zombies, because these fictional monsters (1) tried to avoid being infected and (2) are so mindless that they cannot conceive of Hamas' routine savagery and brutality.

Since nithings are, by definition, oath-breakers, truce-breakers, and murderers, no responsible person can negotiate with them or make peace with them. Israel has an absolute duty to its own citizens, and also Arabs under Hamas' control, to put this nithing, musfid, and enemy of Humanity down for good.

On a final note, noting the UN's diplomatic facilitation of Hamas' crimes against Humanity, they are now the United Nithings, and should be treated with the appropriate respect and dignity appropriate for the world's most depraved criminals.

* Leftists condemn first person shooter games for promoting violence, which is nonsense because normal human beings can distinguish between a game and reality. First person shooter simulations are, in fact, used to train police officers, and armed citizens, to identify their targets very clearly before so much as aiming at them. The only point of agreement I share with the leftists is that NO first person shooter simulation should EVER reward a player for shooting at a police officer, innocent civilian, or similar target. This is not because somebody in the role of a gangster would willfully transfer that be‎havior to the real world, but because repetition of such an exercise could conceivably develop a conditioned reflex that could prove fatal to the wrong person in an emergency situation. I recall that a video game called "Death Race" had the player run over "gremlins" as opposed to human targets, and possibly for the same reason.