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No More Hesitation

By David Rubin
7/17/2014, 11:07 PM

Israeli ground troops have just entered Gaza en masse with the stated objective to destroy Hamas’s hundreds of weapons and terrorist smuggling tunnels.


As I have been urging Israel’s leaders in my previous articles (See /Blogs/Message.aspx/5956) - this time, Israel needs to forcefully fight to win.

By now it is becoming clear to a growing majority in Israel that no Israeli offensive will be successful unless:

1. All arms-smuggling tunnels are completely destroyed.

2. Israel retakes the strategic Philadelphi Corridor, along the border with Egypt.

3. All bomb factories and warehouses are totally destroyed.

4. All Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah weapons are confiscated.

These are the minimal steps needed to stop the rocket fire and to end the Gaza-based terrorists' ability to create havoc in our lives.

Wishing our soldiers great success and urging Israel's political leadership to follow through to victory!