Hudna offer?

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לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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An oncologist who agreed to a hudna during which the cancer cells agreed to not multiply or metastasize, and he agreed to not apply surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation would be guilty of malpractice. It is meanwhile well known that infectious disease patients who do not finish their antibiotic presc‎riptions allow the surviving infection, which has been strengthened through selective breeding, to return in an even more dangerous form. The cancer doctor, of course, seeks to kill every last malignant cell, and the patient must finish the antibiotic presc‎ription to kill off every last infectious bacterium. Israel's mere consideration of any kind of truce with Hamas is, therefore, grossly irresponsible. A single look at the definition of a hudna tells us why.

The land of non-believers currently under a truce, which is a respite between wars. A truce is bought by tribute or agreement. If the harbis break the conditions for the truce, hostilities are resumed or after ten years, which ever comes first.


As stated by the Geneva Convention,

Given that the definition of perfidy provides that the confidence of an adversary be based on a situation which requires protection under international humanitarian law, the following acts are considered perfidious if committed with the intent to betray the confidence of the adversary:

• simulation of being disabled by injuries or sickness because an enemy who is thus disabled is considered hors de combat and may not be attacked but must be collected and cared for (see Rules 47 and 109–110);[23]

• simulation of surrender because an adversary who surrenders is considered hors de combat and may not be attacked but must be captured or released (see Rule 47);[24]

simulation of an intent to negotiate under a flag of truce because a person advancing under a flag of truce must be respected (see Rule 67);[25]

simulation of protected status by using the red cross or red crescent emblem because medical and religious personnel, units and transports displaying the distinctive emblems must be respected and protected (see Chapter 7);[26]

• simulation of protected status by using United Nations emblems, signs or uniforms because peacekeeping personnel and humanitarian relief personnel using United Nations emblems, signs or uniforms must be respected, as long as they are entitled to the protection given to civilians, and those emblems, signs or uniforms may not be used without authorization (see Rules 31, 33 and 60);[27]

• simulation of protected status by using other protective emblems because the personnel using other protective emblems, including the distinctive emblem of cultural property, must be respected and such emblems may not be used improperly (see Rule 61);[28]

simulation of civilian status because civilians not taking a direct part in hostilities must be respected and may not be the object of attack (see Rules 1 and 6);[29]

• the wearing of uniforms or the use of emblems of neutral States or other States not party to the conflict because uniforms or emblems of neutral States or of other States not party to the conflict may not be used (see Rule 63).

The Lieber Code, which was written to govern the conduct of the American Civil War, said explicitly that perfidy in the form of dressing as a civilian was punishable by death.  The Lieber Code adds,

  • While deception in war is admitted as a just and necessary means of hostility, and is consistent with honorable warfare, the common law of war allows even capital punishment for clandestine or treacherous attempts to injure an enemy, because they are so dangerous, and it is difficult to guard against them.
  • It is customary to designate by certain flags (usually yellow) the hospitals in places which are shelled, so that the besieging enemy may avoid firing on them. The same has been done in battles, when hospitals are situated within the field of the engagement.
  • Honorable belligerents often request that the hospitals within the territory of the enemy may be designated, so that they may be spared. An honorable belligerent allows himself to be guided by flags or signals of protection as much as the contingencies and the necessities of the fight will permit.
  • It is justly considered an act of bad faith, of infamy or fiendishness, to deceive the enemy by flags of protection. Such act of bad faith may be good cause for refusing to respect such flags.

Israel's enemies are therefore fiendish, as defined by the Lieber Code, for using protected buildings such as schools, mosques, and hospitals to conceal military assets. This makes them hostis humani generis, enemies of all civilized Humanity.


The last ideology that said it would exterminate Jews and dominate the world came with a swastika, and it meant every word it said.