The Fallacy of "Cycle of Violence" Reporting

Yarden Frankl,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Yarden Frankl
Yarden Frankl is the Executive Director of the Center for Analysis of Media Coverage of Israel. His work appears in the Times of Israel, the Jewish Press, the Algemeiner, as well as Israel National News. He was a senior editor for HonestReporting for 11 years. He also blogs at ...

As Israel is one again forced into a defensive war, the media have already decided that it is part of a "cycle of violence" where each side strikes back at the other, with no end and no beginning. They write as if there is a "moral equivalency" between the actions of both sides.

This is a complete fallacy. There was certainly a beginning of the current conflict which started when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and savagely murdered on their way home from school. And we can only hope that there will be an end point in which Israelis do not have to run for bomb shelters every few minutes.

And to be clear, unlike what the New York Times says, there is a clear difference between actions aimed against civilians, and actions taken to defend a nation's citizens.