"Protective Edge," What a Nebichy Name

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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"Protective Edge," What a Nebichy Name for Our Military Campaign

There's no "zing," no "fight to the finish" sound and connotation in the title of Israel's latest military operation "Protective Edge." I've been involved in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Hasbara, Israel's Information Campaign for decades, and I consider "Protective Edge" to be one of the worst titles ever. It sounds like the name of a child-safe razor blade.
It suits that favorite Israeli word "ki'ilu," "sort of."

To have an "edge on" something or someone is not to destroy them the way we should be destroying Arab terrorism. This will just temporarily cut them back a bit, like cutting the weeds, so that from it distance it looks like you have a nice lawn.
The Israel Defense Forces announced after midnight Monday that it has launched a major operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The operation has been given the code name "Operation Protective Edge." Jerusalem Post
We need a clear "war aim."

In the meantime, the reports about Arab missile barrages claiming "no damage" are outright lies. Look at this field, burning up from the Gazan Arab terrorist attack. A family has now lost its income, investment.

This photo was sent to me by a resident of that moshav, which for security reasons will remain nameless. 

We must remember that Israeli's in south are in terrible danger with only a maximum of 15 seconds to run to safety. And the Arab terrorists are developing and buying even more dangerous and longer ranging weapon launchers which will expand the number Israelis in their sites, meaning which they can easily target.

We don't need a "protective edge;" we need to destroy our enemies and make them realize that they must stop. They must surrender. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be happening.