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Marc Prowisor,

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Marc Prowisor
Marc Prowisor is a security expert from Israel's Shilo Region and currently serves as Security Projects Director for One Israel Fund. His primary focus is on the strategic and Biblically significant Judea and Samaria regions that have been a hotbed of terrorist acts of violence against Jews. He was personally involved in combating terrorist attacks at "ground level" on a daily basis as the Chief Army Security Coordinator in the region from 1996 through 2006. In the course of his work, Marc defended the area against several attacks and was responsible for rescuing scores of Jews under terrorist threat. He coordinated all military and civilian security related issues, including counter-terrorism defense, emergency response and management. Marc was instrumental in increasing the level of security in the area and involved in the capture of terrorists. His counter-terror skills earned him recognition from the Israeli security establishment, including the Award of Excellence and Valor...

Many media outlets are carrying stories of how Israelis, both civilians and soldiers are calling for the revenge of the gruesome kidnapping and murder of three Jewish boys.  If that wasn’t enough, they are now screaming at Israel for the yet unsolved murder of an Arab boy in Jerusalem.

The Arabs constantly and consistently, with the major assistance of world media and the anti-Israel crew, harp about Jewish violent acts and vandalism directed against them.  Never mind that Arab violence and vandalism against Jewish targets far out weighs and out numbers the before mentioned.

The calls and shouts in Israel are for the most part not about revenge against “Arabs”, they are for calls to destroy terrorists and terrorism.  Many of these signs posted are simply and purposely mistranslated… where the word “Mechabael” is used, meaning terrorist, most media outlets translate it into “Arab”.

Now that in its own is interesting, how these progressive folk immediately translate and equate the word Terrorist to Arab, but that is an entirely different topic.

What we are witnessing is not an outbreak of racism, but a cry to our government, to our Prime Minister, to give us what is our simple right of having our country defend us, no more, no less.  Bibi and this government is failing, he has been failing as so many politicians do when it come to standing up for our simple rights.  Our Southern region gets pummeled by rockets and all he can do is threaten that he will get the Security Cabinet together to drink mineral water and discuss what should we do… over and over again, and some aerial attacks against Hamas targets that have had no effect. 

Abu Mazen and Hamas join forces and continue the same incitement against Jews, the same that for the last 20 years has led to the majority of murderous acts against the Jewish people, and he says “I don’t want to see you.  Jewish Farms in both the North and South are victimized by Arab marauders to the point where some have to close up shop and his Internal Security Minister along with the Chief of Police twiddle their thumbs. Jews traveling in Judea and Samaria are shot at, attacked by rocks and Molotov cocktails, ambushed, and yes at times killed, and he and his trusty Ministers do no more than hold meetings, while their General only employs the minimum needed procedures, barely accomplishing anything. 

Every time reserve soldiers are called up, ready to give the ultimate for our people, yet despite their motivation and dedication are then told that “not responding is strength”, and sit like dogs waiting for a scrap of leftovers, every time you tell the Artillery teams to waste taxpayers money and bombard an empty field, and when you tell Security personnel, don’t fire until you have been hurt…. what do you think you are doing?  You are accomplishing more than any terrorist ever hopes to achieve, you are hurting the souls of this people who have built this land and stand for far more goodness that any of our neighbors.


These are not cries for revenge, these are not cries of racism, these are cries for help, these are cries of despair, these are the cries of a strong people being abused by their own government, in that, that the most of our leaders will do is to talk or respond by blowing up a corn field.  These are cries of frustration.

Imagine a father watching his children hurt before his own eyes, not being allowed or able to save and protect them.

If there is ever a reason for acts of violence being committed against Arabs, they come from the despair of not enough being done to maintain a civil existence. Vigilantism like in any society is for the most part the result of frustration.

Indeed the Arab world laughs at us.  They rocket us and Bibi says, you better watch out or I’m gonna…. and then he gives them a few days for an “ultimatum”, a which point they rocket us some more and then spin it like they are the good guys by stopping the attacks against us.

Arabs take to the streets and destroy their own areas, endanger countless people and our police lack the ability to keep order.

We saw a taste of real response for an unfortunate 18 days, where due to innocent boys getting murdered, our children serving in the IDF went after the bad guys, and guess what, the Arabs knew that something might change, the country and people stood united in our mission to get our boys back.  But the Arabs still stood their ground, because they knew that Israel’s leadership no longer places the security of our people to be paramount, that Israel’s leaders no longer trust themselves, or have confidence. They know that Israel’s leaders think that Israel’s security depends on having people on the outside say what a nice little country they have. That our security depends on the nations outside of Israel, who because of the lack of spine of our latest leaders, have started to toy with us and attempt to veer us down a path to our own demise.

We are not calling for revenge, we are demanding respect, we are demanding that our leaders act to keep our families safe.  That they stop using us to play with the world.

We are the strongest people in the world, we are ready to defend ourselves, our land, and our people, wherever they are.

We are ready to continue to better the world.

We just demand that our government acts to keep Israel, all of Israel safe.  No more talking the talk, time to walk the walk.  Otherwise, exit…stage left.