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Spying on Your Kids? Good!

By Tamar Yonah
7/2/2014, 11:07 PM
Parents, LISTEN UP!!!  Do you want to know where your kids are?  I just saw the Israeli tv news play the tape where one of the kidnapped boy's father was calling into the local 911 (moked) on the very first night they went missing.  He asked that maybe they could try to find his son who had not come home and was missing and feared kidnapped, by using the GPS of his phone to find out his whereabouts.  [END]

Now, I want to share with you something that will let you know where your kids are at all times.... (because kids are married to their phones).

I use a free app called *LIfe360  (no this is not an ad).  It lets you know where your kids, spouse, or anyone you are close to, are. And it works for anywhere in the world.  My 'elderly' parents saved up to go abroad this summer. They are on a cruise to Alaska, and I know exactly where they are at [almost] all times. They also know where to find me when they need to make contact. They know if I am home or out of the house by looking at the Life360 app.   If my kid's teacher sends me a text message saying that they are late for school, I open the app and can see where they are (usually they missed a bus).  If they are coming home  and it is late, I know where they are.  I think this is a MUST app, and if your kids tell you, "No way, I am not going to download it to my phone, then you tell them one of two things... like I did.  
The nice way:  "Sweetie, this way if you lose your phone, we will know where it is! We can find it with the app!"  :-)
The PARENT way:  "You either download it or you give up your phone NOW."
"ha ha, Mom, I bought this phone with my own money, you can't take it from me." (this kid is 17 years old by the way).
My answer:  "Yes I can, I don't care who paid for it,  if you don't download the app, I confiscate your phone."  End of conversation.  They know I mean business.  Needless to say, they all have the app.
It's ten o'clock.  Do you know where YOUR kids are?

*I am not promoting for money or insisting anyone download the app I mentioned above.  If you know of a better app, by all means, share it with us!  The object here is to protect our kids.