Meanwhile in Pakistan, chickens come home to roost

Vijeta Uniyal,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Vijeta Uniyal
Vijeta is an Indian Entrepreneur in Germany, founder of "Indian Friends of Israel", an initiative of Indian Diaspora to promote India-Israel ties, and a Columnist and Writer for the Commentator, Gatestone Institute, Frontpage Magazine among other well-known publications.

Last week’s tragic terrorist attack on Pakistan’s Karachi Airport was a result of a dilemma that has plagued generations of suicide bombers during their ‘short-lived’ carriers: all dressed up to kill and nowhere to go.

Rather than taking the trouble of crossing over to India or Afghanistan – as thousands before them – the generation Y of Jihadists is much smarter and looks for ‘martyrdom’ opportunities close to home.

As tragic as any loss of life is, this act of terror is a product of the culture of hate and intolerance propagated from the pulpits, classrooms and political arena for decades.

Hand-picked, trained and equipped by Pakistan’s military establishment, this motivated bunch is more than eager to blow itself up and everyone around them for a ‘good cause’

Even as Taliban’s franchisee in Pakistan has taken the responsibility for the Karachi attack, no terror attack is ever complete without a conspiracy theory; and no conspiracy theory is really fun without the ‘evil Zionist’ spin. 

News media and internet in Pakistan is abuzz with ‘experts’ pinning the blame on India, US, Israel and just about anyone else – but on the actual perpetrators of the crime.

The ‘legendary’ Iranian Press TV too weighed in and offered its two cents on the situation by declaring it a “false-flag” attack conducted by “US-NATO-Zionist terrorists”.  

In countries with functioning healthcare system these pinheads would be separated from the general population; and would be getting some serious psychiatric attention and medication; but for the misfortune of the Pakistan’s people, they are their main source of news and information. 

As people of Karachi are left to pick up the pieces and yet another human tragedy comes to an end in Pakistan – the government, media and clerics in Pakistan again demonstrate their lack the willingness to own up to their mistakes and tackle the infrastructure of terror.