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US Foreign Policy Gone Bad on Viral Egyptian Youtube

By David Ha'ivri
5/21/2014, 12:05 PM
"Obama, Shut your mouth" says an Egyptian woman who's video blogs have become a sensation in Egypt.
"Why, why" she asks Obama, "did you go on X Factor in Egypt". "Shut your mouth, Obama".
Although, appearing in an obviously Islamic head-covering, the Egyptian woman is no fan of the Muslim Brotherhood and is upset with Obama's favor for the group.
The "Obama, shut your mouth" or shut your mouse videos have become a viral trend in Egypt. Satire versions and cartoon edition are also jumping on the bandwagon.
In one satire posted below a man is seen imitating the Egyptian Woman possibility near the American embassy in Cairo. 
But, even more shocking is the cartoon in which Obama so frustrated with the Egyptian woman's statements that he decides to end it all with a bullet in the head (his own).

h/t to Mudar Zahran.