Peace on the Run: No Comment on Jews Asked to Leave?

David Ha'ivri,

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צילום: ערוץ 7
David Ha'ivri
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A number of news sites today are covering Australian marathon runner and politician Pat Farmer's run through the Middle East under the banner of "Peace." Some sources have reported that Jewish runners were asked by the organizers to leave the run in order to avoid offending the Palestinian Sports Association, but to my surprise, I have not seen any statement from the highlighted peace activist himself.

Not only was a group of Jewish runners asked to leave the run after joining with Farmer for one kilometer on road #60, but they were asked to refrain from posting this embarrassing circumstance on their personal Facebook pages.

The event organizer told Jerusalem Post, “I thought, 'What sport does everybody like to do?' Everybody runs, so the purpose was not just Pat Farmer running, but people of different ethnic groups from these countries running with Pat.”

When asked to sum up his run, Farmer said, “My personal philosophy is that nothing good is easy. We care about the peace process, and whenever good men come under the veil of peace, there is hope in the world; and without hope, there is nothing. I hope that if nothing else, I have provided hope.”

Apparently, Farmer doesn't really believe that Jews need to be part of the equation in this region. He didn't feel that the sight of them being banished from his own "Peace" event required any comment.

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