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Do We Really Need a King (or a Queen)?

By David Rubin
5/19/2014, 10:05 AM

Now that Israel's presidential elections will be happening in June, perhaps it's a good time to consider doing away with the position. The Presidency was established as a ceremonial position, in the tradition of the royalty-based nations of Europe and the Arab world, but what purpose does it really serve?

Can't the presidential functions of greeting foreign dignitaries, granting clemency, and serving as a conscience for the nation be fulfilled by others? Furthermore, after the Katsav fiasco and after last several years with "Mr. Peace Process" Peres abusing the position for partisan political purposes, wouldn't it be wise to save millions of tax-payer funds by disposing of the position?

The short-answer is yes, but such a change can't be ethically enacted just weeks before an election. To do so would be correctly perceived as political opportunism.These upcoming elections for president should be the last and a law to that effect should be proposed in the Knesset ASAP.

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