The Temple Mount Shall Not Fall Again!

Yosef Rabin,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yosef Rabin
Yosef Rabin lives and works in Jerusalem and writes on a wide range of issues affecting Israel and the Jewish world. Yosef can be contacted at

First, I would like to welcome everyone to my blog.

This blog has two primary goals:

1. Keep the public updated concerning the situation on the Temple Mount: To this end, we will provide news from the Temple Mount including: Daily Jewish ascents to the Mount; reports of police arrests against Jewish worshipers; Muslim riots and incitement on the Mount; reports of destruction and desecration of the Mount by the Islamic WAKF Authorities; statements by public officials and actions in the political realm.

2. Worldwide Mobilization of Jews and Lovers of Zion: I will urge the public to participate in the struggle by organizing letter drives, rallies, prayer sessions and fundraisers all focused on restoring Jewish Sovereignty and Rights on the Temple Mount.

For those who want to take true Zionist action this is the blog for you. The task of our grandparents and great-grandparents was to return the Jewish Nation to the Land of Israel. The task of our generation is to return the Jewish Nation to the Temple Mount, which is Mount Zion. Therefore, together we declare No Zion = No Zionism; The Temple Mount Shall Not Fall Again!

Please invite your family and friends to join us, as we embark on a historic campaign to free the place of our Holy Temple.

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Jews Ascend the Temple Mount!