Ode to the Anonymous Hero: Tribute to a Mossad Martyr

Rabbi Lazer Brody,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Rabbi Lazer Brody
Best-selling author, speaker, and spiritual guide, Rabbi Lazer Brody came to Israel from the USA in 1970 after graduating from the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture. He is a veteran of an elite IDF Unit, having served for nearly thirty years in the regular army and in the IDF reserves. Rabbi Brody pens the award-winning Lazer Beams weblog, is the editor of Breslev Israel web magazine, and the author of The Trail to Tranquility. His English translation of Rabbi Shalom Arush's international bestseller The Garden of Emuna has sold over a million copies. Rabbi Brody is also a musical composer his Calming Waters is a collection of his original relaxing instrumental melodies and Judean Dream is an album of "Land-of-Israel" music recorded together with Guy Tzvi Mintz and Yosef Karduner. Rabbi Brody spends considerable time traveling around the world spreading the light of emuna.

Today is Memorial Day for Israel's fallen martyrs. There are hundreds of heroes' names missing from the memorial lists; these are the names of our fallen secret service warriors, who wage battles with our enemies deep behind enemy lines. Most people, even their loved ones, don't know who they were and what they did. They foiled hijackings, destroyed and undermined our enemies' sinister plans, and were part of Hashem's long arm of revenge. Words cannot describe the danger they exposed themselves to. I wrote this in their honor; it was difficult typing with so many tears in my eyes:

Little Naomi sat on Mommy's lap
Enjoying a Galilee-eve breeze
But six-year old girls are sometimes perplexed
"Mommy, answer my question, please."
"What's on your mind, beloved child,
What would you like to know?"
"Tell me, Mommy dear, what does it mean
When a person is called, 'hero'?"
Mommy gazed at the mountains, far away
Engrossed in deepest thought
Tears glistened from her sky-blue eyes
As she remembered what the Torah taught.
"Heroes, my beloved child, are special people
They are those who are willing to give
They never asks for a thing in return
And that's the reason they live.
'Anonymous' is a grownups' word
For those of whom no one will ever know 
They shun glory, fame and prestige
But they're the truest hero."
"Give me an example, Mommy dear
Of a hero who is unknown
I can't wait to learn these things 
Until I'm fully grown."
Mommy's tears became a steady stream
Now flowing down her cheek
Little Naomi caressed her ever so deeply
For sometimes only broken hearts can speak.
"Some of our soldiers, daughter dear
Don't wear uniforms of olive green.
They do dangerous things in enemy countries
Without ever having been seen.
They undermine the plans of the cruel
In Syria, Iraq and Iran
They risk their lives every moment
Doing whatever they can.
Doing top-secret missions, some never come home
Their bodies fall in foreign sand
But these heroic souls are never alone
For they rest in Hashem's loving hand."
"Now tell me the truth, Mommy dear
Why doesn't Daddy come home?
Is he too an unknown hero
And where does he continue to roam?"
Mommy tried to control herself
But the tears now flowed like water
She could no longer keep such a secret 
From her beloved daughter.
"Your Daddy served behind enemy lines
Performing a top-secret task
No one ever will know what he really did
We're not even allowed to ask.
But I do know one thing, most precious child
Your Daddy fought with total dedication
For the good-night's sleep of children like you
And the security of the Jewish nation!
I miss him so badly, that is the truth
For Daddy is no longer here
But he'll come back, I have no doubt
For the time of Moshiach is near!"
Dedicated in loving and martyred memory of Israel's anonymous secret-service heroes who were killed in action.

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