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Rememering the fallen heroes of Israel

By David Ha'ivri
5/5/2014, 8:05 AM
Eliyahu Beit Tzuri and Eliyahu Hakim

The Deed is the story of two boys who gave their lives for an ideal. They killed a man - coldly, calmly, with premeditation. They were caught and tried. They were found guilty and were hanged.
Neither attempted to to deny the act, instead they used the prisoner's box as a platform to defend it, accuse their accusers. Their cause was freedom, the freedom of Israel, but the means that they chose was an assassin’s gun, believing, in the tradition of those who hold with political assassination, that their act could change the course of history.
The man that they killed was the highest British official in the Middle East, a minister of state, a member of Churchill’s war cabinet. The time was the last months of World War II, the place was Egypt. No person, no time, no place, could have been chosen more likely to result in embarrassment to the British, the Egyptians and the Jews. Yet they did it, it was so planed.
These boys, one seventeen, the other twenty two, were members of a secret terrorist organization... known as the Stern group. Its active members at the time were no more than twenty six...
The two boys played out their part in the struggle for Israel and were no longer on the scene when three years later, the British yielded their mandate for Palestine and the State of Israel was established.
- Gerold Frank, The Deed.