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The Same Question Over & Over

By Tamar Yonah
3/13/2014, 12:03 PM
Someone asked me, "When will these attacks on Israel end?" 

I will tell you. 

It will end when, (in the words of one of our IDF generals) "When one side wins." All these years, we are never allowed to win the war. We are never allowed to exterminate the terrorists (like the U.S. does). We are only allowed to strike back and hurt them a bit. --But it is like swatting at wasps. The wasp's nest has to be REMOVED. Swiping does no good. Every time we got close to winning, the international community gets nervous and the U.S. secretary of state, Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc. are sent to STOP Israel from winning the war thrust upon us by these terrorists, in our back yard.  They force Israel to make yet another cease-fire, where we 'cease', and they 'fire'. Where we cease, and they re-arm for another day. And that 'other day' was today and yesterday. 

This is a pattern that we will continue to see and suffer year after year until we can finally WIN this war and take out the terrorists and their infrastructure, and return the Gaza region, which is Jewish land (belonging to the tribe of Judah) back to the Jewish People.

 [To see map, go to my facebook page.  If you are not a fb friend of mine, then send me a request - so you can see the map and pass it on to others.  Link to fb:  Tamar Yonah ]

We will then stop this 'terror rain of fire', and people will not have to live in bomb shelters. These terrorists are getting away with it, and without justice, no society can enjoy peace. Our prophet, Isaiah wisely said: 32:17: "The product of righteousness shall bring peace; and the effect of righteousness, quiet and security forever." Right there is the formula for peace. Not a two-state solution, not the tolerating and rewarding of evil terrorists. -Rather, righteousness and justice as our Prophet Isaiah says.  To see my enlightening article on how to obtain peace based on Isaiah, click here:  THE ISAIAH PLAN