Only Muslims welcome

Shalom Pollack,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Shalom Pollack
As a veteran tour guide, I have the oppportunity to observe many sides of our beloved country. As a Jew who has come home, I am passionate about sharing my observations and thoughts.

I know it is  not a new subject and has lots of good Jews  rather upset, but the situation in the heart of our nation smacked me in the face  again today.

 I guidied a mom and her twelve year old son in the Old City, making the connection betwen our land and us.I  suggested that we take a peek at the Ttemple Mount  from outside the "Cotton Gate"

And  so we approached the steps leading up to the  gate  and a  peek onto the holy  mount. As I suspected , the police stationed there  did their job just as I have  seen before.

It was clear to them that the three people approaching  were Jews, worse  the  religious kind..For the Isaeli  police , we were a  looming and very  red flag. We might provoke the peace by our mere presence too close to our holy mount. The Temple Mount is   a rallying cry for  Muslism in their challange to Jewish legitimacy any where  in the land of Israel.

Police the world over, seek one thing  quiet and calm( and an early and full pension). It should be achieved by enforcing  the law and not ignoriing it. No need to rehash the leagal arguments and court decisions ackowledging the rights of Jewish worship on the  mount.

The police are permitted to use  discretion when allowing  (all Muslims, any time , any gate) and non Muslims (religious Jews) to enter.

Today, this twisted eality hit my tourists in the face full force. She  could not believe that in Israel's Jewish democracy,  principals  of equality and Jewish rights and  pride seem to vanish in the  wind.

The police man moved to block our way very quickly. Poor guy, he seemed lke he  was burdened with preventing the next Muslim riot or perhaps it is his superiors who are following an established albeit not officially acknowledged policy. Juden Raus! Jews get out of the  way and keep the Jew haters happy and quiet - on our holiest place on earth.

Absurd , we all agree. However it was the simple adament  "why" that my tourist kept asking of the cop that  threw him off and reminded me of how far  we have yet to go in  this period of redemption. The cop saw that she was not budging  and so he turned to me in Hebrew and  said , you are the guide, explioan it to her"

I told him I would first have to understand it myself. At this point our young defender of national humiiation was trying to  avoid  all eye contact with the three fellow Jews who perhaps reminding him  how low he has fallen What  one  choosed to do  to "make a living".Humiliating his peopl and serving the interest of our  enemy means a   pay check. I wondered if they just  get used to the job of supporting  Does he enjoy getting out of bed f or another day of humiliating his  own people. I always wonder  about waht t hat does to a Jewish soul.

It is ironic that most likely,his parents or granparents fled to Israel from Arab persecution to live as free and proud  Jews in our homeland. And what does the  Sabra son of these true and proud Jews do? What has the Jewish government  done to these Jewish souls? To our collective Jewish soul?

I was reminded today.