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Kerry not alone in delegitimizing the Bible

By David Lev
11/6/2013, 6:11 PM

Aliyah Magazine is the voice of the Aliyah Community, and right now, it needs to be better heard!

I treat with utter disdain the US Secretary of State's attitude towards both his G-d in whom his country places their faith, and the Bible of which he pretends to honor. He is on yet another visit here hoping to push us into a tight corner. If he sought my opinion, or those of many thousand Jews connected to Yesha, he might discover that we are more in favor and able to deliver a righteous peace than he could ever hope to achieve. However, it seems that truth is of little interest to him? 

Kerry regards Jews living in settlements as being misplaced and illegitimate, which means a child of an unwed mother. To add injury upon insult, this same government representative of such a great nation, also acclaims that he stands by Israel? 

Well I can actually accept such an ignoble attitude from someone who has little genuine connection with our people, but better educated Jews presents another problem entirely. 

There is an element of truth in Kerry's message in as much that a wayward child that neglects one's parents, can be considered as a homeless waif. He claims to stand by Israel, and guess what? So does the majority of Jewish supporters in the Diaspora. Yet, when it comes to standing 'with' Israel,,,there is excuse upon excuse. Let me make this clear, the Bible is very precise about commanding Jews to settle the land, not from afar, but here on our precious soil.

While Kerry in pursuit of a peace prize, explores meaningful ways to allow Arabs some form of 'right of return',  the true Jewish claimants stand behind us by many thousand miles!  Doesn't that kind of give credibility to Kerry's announcements that Jews have no legitimate right on our own land; instead giving favor to those so called refugees serving the interests of Kerry's new oil rich masters? 

So my dear Jewish friends, and sincere non- Jewish ones too. It's nigh past time to decide where Jews truly belong. There's the paternal face of Kerry and his crew in the Diaspora trying to uproot our people from Israeli soil, and then there's the patient land itself waiting to be reunited between the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel. Make your choice wisely, but don't think that standing behind us like Kerry seems to believe he's doing, is the same as standing with us. 

Aliyah Magazine looks forward to welcoming you home!