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Not Quite A Cohen's Blessing

By Yisrael Medad
8/30/2013, 2:08 PM

One Jeff Cohen has visited Israel and is enamoured of the Nonviolent Unarmed Resistance he found amongst the local nonviolent unarmed Arabs he met.

Jeff, it appears to me is one of those socialist-radical-progressive types, preferring any group, national, religious or ethnic other than the Jewish people.  He was here recently in a delegation sponsored by Interfaith Peace-Builders and the American Friends Service Committee.  He's at Ithaca College, an associate professor of journalism.  He launched the media watch group FAIR in 1986.

Of course, he was a bit depressed but found

...good news: Across the West Bank, Israel’s occupation has given rise in recent years to a nonviolent “popular resistance” movement that should be an inspiration to people across the globe.  This unarmed resistance has persisted in the face of Israeli state violence (aided by U.S.-supplied weapons and tear gas), lengthy jail sentences for nonviolent protesters and widespread detention and abuse of children.




He simply ignores or overlooks shootings, rock-throwing, stabbings with knives, tossed firebombs that kill, injure and maim.

He then moves into the dangerous delusional promotion of violence, even if he doesn't intend so:

    ...leaders of the Palestinian popular resistance – from intellectuals to grassroots villagers who’d been repeatedly jailed – spoke to us about universal human rights, about a human family in which all deserve equal rights regardless of religion or nationality. “We are against the occupation, not against the Jews,” was the refrain among Palestinian activists. “We have many Jews and Israelis who support us.”... Israel [is] a society that seems as paranoid and militaristic today as our country during the McCarthyite Fifties...Seeing these “facts on the ground,” I kept asking myself NOT “Why have many Palestinians turned to violence and terrorism?” – but rather, “Why so few?

If there is any type of human who does Zionism damage but either distorting its vision, its actions, its achievements and its intentions as well as excusing and forgiving all the evil of Palestinianism, it is the Jewish "I-want-outer".