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Beyond Repair: Racist Revisionists, Injurious Illusions

By Chloé Valdary
8/29/2013, 9:08 AM

As a Black American blessed to be living in the 21st century, I am deeply inspired by the great strides my community has made since the days of slavery and the Jim Crow era that followed. We have been able to enjoy freedoms held at one time in monopolistic fashion by our white counterparts and have become apart of the fabric of American society, our culture and customs integrated into the great Melting Pot cooked up by Lady Liberty. This past Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington; Reflecting on Dr. King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech, I was reminded of a people who are unfortunately still in bondage and who are yet ignorant of this fact.  I write about the Palestinian Arabs, residing in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria, and even further, those who have never set foot in these lands but who have been constantly told that they need to be liberated from evil Zionists. 

I use the term Palestinian in its correct classical sense, denoting a geographical region, a demarcated area of the earth, like the Gobi desert in Asia or the Atlantic Periphery in the USA. Nothing more and nothing less. It is within this context that I have come to realize that the Arabs of this region have been doubly duped; They have been told that they make up a “special” brand of Arabs by mere virtue of the location of their birth and they have been further informed that they are deserving of special treatment because of this different Arab mysticism which they supposedly posses. This is racism in an insidious manner because this racism is presented as both beneficial and progressive. 

This prejudice is perpetuated by such notorious groups as the UNRWA, which masquerades as a human rights organization but is in fact nothing more than a group of fraudulent dipsomaniacs who feed off the inferior social status of these Arabs, the same inferior social status which the UNRWA itself propagates. By declaring that every Palestinian Arab is a refugee, in perpetuity, the UNRWA is decreeing that every Palestinian Arab is and of right ought to be inferior, both in contradistinction to his Arab brothers and sisters and his Jewish neighbors. The very raison détre of Palestinian Arab(ism) thus becomes victimhood, and victimhood, in order to perpetuate victimhood. This, as you can imagine, has profound ramifications and cannot end well. 

This cyclical racism is further exacerbated by Arab statesmen and leaders who have no moral compunction about denying Palestinian Arabs equality.  For example, Abu Mazen’s ridiculously claimed that if a Palestinian state is established, there will still be refugees and these refugees will not become citizens of the new state. While this statement is understood by most rational Westerners as senseless, this way of thinking is a part of the paradigm through which Palestinian Arab(ism) has been constructed.  The fundamental idea of what it means to be a Palestinian Arab can be summed up in the words  “resistance,” and “oppressed.”  If ones very existence is contingent upon resisting, to be free means his destruction. If one is defined as perpetually oppressed, to find emancipation would mean the loss of all significance. Thus the refugee can never find freedom even if there was a state because this would denote the irrelevance of his state of being. Abu Mazen, then, is not only a despotic, corrupt,  anti-Semitic Holocaust denier, he is also a self-loathing anti-Arab race hustler, and  he is perpetuating apartheid against his own people. This is an interesting paradox; If, G-d forbid, the Jewish state should ever be destroyed as Abu Mazen wishes, and replaced with a Palestinian state, the very meaning of Palestinian Arab(ism) would cease to exist, for there would be nothing to struggle against and no scapegoat to blame for Arab self-oppression. 

Arab countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria have a hand in promoting this bigotry.  These countries deny basic rights to Palestinian Arabs in order to keep them in their dejected state, in part because they seek to make Israel look bad, but, more importantly, because of their own prejudices against them. This, however, is no surprise. It is important to remember that historically, Arab countries have never actually cared about Palestinian Arabs. In Israel’s war of independence, 7 Arab countries sought, not only to destroy Israel but also to set up their own imperialistic empires (Greater Syria) throughout the Middle East. This was certainly Jordan’s goal, as has been shown in recently unclassified cables between the King of Jordan and Golda Meir.  Yet this history is largely ignored by statesmen who, in seeking to find quick solutions to problems neglect to examine the psychological makeup of the people being dealt with. Fathom the hypocrisy of an Arab country which persecutes its Palestinian Arab brothers and sisters by denying them basic rights, and then insists that their inferior status is what makes them special in the first place. This prejudice is endemic, because the Palestinian Arabs believe them. 

Thus, Palestinian Arab Nationalism in its current form (and to be frank I do not know if any other form could ever exist since the very idea of Palestine as a nation is academically defunct) is a form of self-hatred, because it is rooted in the notion that the non-Palestinian Arab is eternally superior and the Palestinian Arab is irrevocably oppressed. Palestinian Nationalism is inherently discriminatory because it contends that a separate distinct “special” Arab race exists, that that special Arab race ought to be oppressed, and that that oppression is what deems it worthy of existing. This is orientalism in its most extreme form, for discrimination can at least be outlawed and even self-hatred can potentially be corrected. But taking pride in one’s self-hatred, well that, is beyond repair.